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When CX teams harness the power of gifting, it leads to...

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Increased CLV

One of the fastest ways to increase your customer lifetime value = constantly improving your business's customer experience. A little extra effort now will lead to benefits far into the future.

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Decreased churn reduction

Reengage lapsed customers (and keep them around a little longer than the competitor) by making people know they matter. Our gifts increase customer retention rates by +28%.

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Easier customer acquisition

Gaining and keeping new customers can be tricky. Seize the opportunity to make them feel special right from the start, creating a kind of advocacy that's immediately valuable.

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Long-term customer loyalty

The best brand advocates are typically existing customers that have been nurtured over time. Time to increase affinity and loyalty for the long haul.

What makes gifting with &Open special?

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Powerful platform

Quick, easy, thoughtful. Scalable technology for gifting both individuals and communities. Our easy-to-integrate technology makes gifting seamless for global companies and teams of all types. Just dedicate, select and send.

How it works
Memorable gifts

Memorable gifts

No more cheap merch. We’ve cracked the code to making corporate gifting surprising and delightful — so your brand stands out in any scenario. We design gifts and source responsibly in order to align with your brand ethos and budget.

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Our global reach

Our global reach

We ship gifts far and wide. Send a surprise to 120+ countries to create maximum impact and foster worldwide relationships.

Our sustainability promises
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Happy customers, prospects and clients

A great gift can be the secret to unlocking retention, loyalty and leads for business success. We send Happiness Checks after every unboxing to obtain real-time feedback and establish a touchpoint that builds those important metrics.

Reasons to gift

Trusted by global companies

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Harness the power of gifting

We build brand love. Our team and technology can increase your business’ customer and employee loyalty, retention and engagement.

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