We’re fixing corporate gifting

Together, let’s break the endless cycle of cheap swag. It’s time to prioritise the human experience.

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Memorable gifts

Responsibly-sourced gifts designed to align with your brand values and resonate with your community. Exclusive partnerships with best-in-class brands combined with memorable, planet-friendly packaging experiences allow us to collaborate and create something truly special.

We take pride in being thoughtful, inclusive and responsible with every gift we source.

Powerful platform

Easy and efficient for teams to use, it takes less than 2 minutes to send a gift.

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Intuitive interface

Our platform is designed to make your gifting process not only easier, but more impactful. Simply dedicate, select and send.

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Custom capabilities

We create platforms in line with your brand identity, an experience that feels familiar for admins and extra polished for customers.

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Integrated, automated, scalable

We integrate into popular CRMs, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, allowing you to trigger &Open gifts from where you're already working.

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Robust, secure, safe

We use enterprise-grade security to 
protect your data and can integrate with 
SSO services to allow for a fast, secure login.

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Address verification

Being both CCPA- and GDPR-compliant, postal addresses are verified automatically and your gift recipient’s personal data is handled with care.

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Dynamic reporting dashboard

We provide an easy overview of gift campaign activity. Monitor what gifts were dispatched, who sent them and their current shipping status — all in a glance.

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Happy customers

Our Happiness Checks deliver happy news from happy customers. This allows you to easily view the status of your gift, the feedback from your recipient and even view any photos of the gifts your recipients wish to send on.

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Global reach

We deliver gifts globally, at scale, with speed. Our network enables handling and tracking of every gift.

Our global reach

We ship gifts far and wide. Send a surprise to 120+ countries to create maximum impact and foster worldwide relationships.

Live gift tracking

Follow the gift on its journey and receive a notification when your customer has officially received it.

Local shipping rates

Our warehouse network allows us access to low-cost, local shipping rates, with all gifts tracked and insured.

Responsible shipping

Gain access to a world of recycled, compostable and biodegradable protective packaging and the opportunity to offset carbon emissions associated with shipping logistics.

Customs and duties paid

Gifts are delivered with customs and duties paid, so no nasty surprises.

Gifting works

&Open enables us to deliver an experience to our clients — not just a gift. Their team goes above and beyond to deliver results and their reporting is integral to our future business plans.
Senior Marketing Manager
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I have worked with &Open for several years and always appreciate their creativity and passion. They continually strive to create a world of exceptional gifting.
VP Community Support
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When we considered who might help us gift one of our most important audiences, &Open was the one team that fit the bill.
Creative Director
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