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We’ve learnt a thing or two about the science, psychology and behaviour of gifting in our experience.


Here are some helpful tips and insights into how gifting works and what it can do for you.

A look back and a look ahead

What we’ve learned and what we’re building.

&Open Jan 13, 2021

Sometimes the perfect gift is a donation

The newest addition to our platform: donation gifting.

&Open Nov 24, 2020

An employee appreciation approach that works

Why brands are spending more on employee gifting than ever before

&Open Oct 19, 2020

Cultivating your customer community

Why recognising the most active members of your community is so important

&Open Sep 29, 2020

Rewarding the right customers

The key to success

&Open Sep 14, 2020

A surprise is better than “redeemed reward”

The science says surprising really is delighting

&Open Sep 08, 2020

The results of gifting

What are the benefits of a good gifting programme?

&Open Aug 12, 2020

Earning loyalty through customer centricity

How to create lasting memories and strong relationships

&Open Jul 08, 2020

Why our gifting experience is different

&Open principles that make your gifting programme memorable

&Open Jun 17, 2020

&Open May 26, 2020



A thoughtful study on Care in the context and practice of gifting. It is about a shift away from the transactional and towards the human. A simple yet powerful approach that reaches people and helps build meaningful connections.

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