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A look back and a look ahead

What we’ve learned and what we’re building.

Reflection is the key to growth. Here at &Open, we grew a lot last year; from learning how to work through a pandemic to launching a bevy of new gifting interactions.

2020 was a watershed year for us in many ways.

In the midst of so much, we’re taking a moment to recount our accomplishments and set our goals for the coming year.

Wishing you all a safe and prosperous year,

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How we grew (2020)

Working through a pandemic

Having the staff disperse from the solace and creative hub of the studio was certainly one of our biggest challenges. Logistically, creative collaboration flourishes when in close quarters. But once remote, it became clear that there were ways around our new geographical deficit. There were pathways to success we hadn’t seen before and these blossomed as 2020 and its manifold projects continued in earnest.

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While remote, we were still able to execute platform changes as the needs of new and existing clients grew. As the year went on, many brands were realising that making a connection during a crisis was more important than ever, and using gifts to that end was both meaningful and effective.

The team grew at a slower rate than we had planned, but grow it did, and with that growth brought some new and fantastic faces to the team.

Gift growth

Alongside a host of smaller platform improvements were some bigger, more cataclysmic additions. Gift invites can now be sent through a variety of interactions, be it social media, direct message, email or otherwise; and to individuals, groups or thousands in one go.

Donation gifting

We also added the ability for brands to offer recipients a donate option in lieu of receiving a gift. This product went live with aplomb in December and is something we’re super proud of.


Cheers to another year and another chance to get it right.

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How we’ll grow (2021)

New gift interactions

Last year saw the platform grow and diversify with the onboarding of these clients from various business categories. This work is set to continue in the coming months, with long-anticipated options and interactions set for release throughout this year.

More gifts

A further expansion of our gift offering is coming and we will be announcing new global partnerships shortly.

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An even more considered and sustainable approach

Our commitment to sustainability and gift longevity has been one of the cornerstones of the business since founding. We will continue to promote gifts and makers that are kind to the earth, and fulfillment that is as geographically efficient as possible. As we grow on our sustainability journey, you will be hearing more about our goals and deliverables. Our green commitment is both serious and enduring: we know that the more transparent our practices are, the better for the environment and for our clients.


Empathy over transactions

Care, a human fundamental, has never been more important. So innate but traditionally so lacking in business, last year saw a sea-change in attitudes towards care in business. Between the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, brands became increasingly aware of what it means to be an empathetic leader versus a transactional leader. This translated into more conversations between us and clients about how they can meaningfully show customers and employees they care, and inspired campaigns driven by empathy, care and compassion.

News worth waiting for

Much more to come but if anything, we’ll keep centering empathy over transactions in the coming months.

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