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Strengthen Relationships

How we help CX teams create loyal customers.

Our solution gives your frontline support teams the power to make the moments that matter, matter more.

Thoughtful gifting celebrates your customer’s successes, thanks customers for their contributions and acknowledges the value of customer relationships when things don’t go as planned. In a hyper-competitive and digital market, gifts create loyalty and brand affinity.

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What makes us better:

  • Our gifting tools allow you to learn from gifting activity to build smart automations.
  • Our software requires no training, has intuitive workflows and integrates seamlessly into your CRM.
  • Pre-scripted gift messaging keeps your CX experience consistent.
  • Our software makes it easy to track your budget and inventory in order to manage costs.
  • Customers in need of help can be anywhere in the world and our worldwide logistics ensure automated local-rate shipping, wherever that might be.
  • No address? No problem. Our tools only need an email address.

Consumers who are emotionally connected with a brand are anywhere from 25% to 100% more valuable in terms of revenue and profitability than those who are ‘merely’ highly satisfied with it.

Harvard Business Review, December 2015