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Inside Airwallex’s gifting evolution: Building client bonds in financial services

Learn how Airwallex transformed their gifting game with &Open.

Alex Calder4 min2024-04-04

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Inside Airwallex's gifting evolution: Building client bonds in financial services

We spoke with Natalie Williams, Director of Marketing, EMEA and Ryan O’Holleran Head of Enterprise Sales, EMEA at Airwallex – a leading global financial platform for modern businesses – about how gifting with &Open has become an effective part of their marketing mix.

In the past, Airwallex’s gifting was ad-hoc and done in-house, lacking tracking scalability and sustainability. When they came on board with &Open, it transformed their gifting game.

“Using &Open changed everything for us – it made gifting so much easier,” Natalie says. “Adding that ability to choose your gift is such a nice experience, and it makes it more personal. For me, knowing that our clients and prospects are having a positive and enjoyable experience while redeeming their gift is really important.”

Airwallex gift choice the ultimate grazing board

Using &Open not only made gifting easier, but also measurable. Natalie explains: “we know how many invites we've sent out. We know how many are redeemed. We know at what point they are delivered and we know exactly which gifting campaigns are impacting opportunities and conversations.”

The Airwallex team’s initial focus has been on empowering Sales, Customer Service, and Partnership teams to send holiday gifts, with potential future applications for the People team’s employee gifting. Furthermore, gifting has become a part of the wider marketing strategy around events, conferences, dinners and bespoke events with Airwallex’s Leadership Team and key decision-makers.

For the 2023 December Holiday campaign, Airwallex used &Open On-Demand to send gifts to clients in the UK. The campaign offered a choice of three gifts: The Ultimate Grazing Box from On The Table co, a Berried Eucalyptus Wreath from FlowerBx, or a Little Liquor Box from Lockdown Liquor & Co.

“The teams who have used &Open so far are very happy and they're asking me daily when we’re doing the next campaign – they feel it's such a benefit for their clients,” Ryan says, adding, “we've had some great feedback from clients so far”.

“What I love about &Open is that it’s far more personal than other gifting providers which helps our brand build emotional connections – something that as a fintech and a tech company can be a challenge,” Natalie explains.

“It's so important to build those relationships with our clients and new prospects, whether at the first, fourth, or fifteenth touch point. Gifting with &Open helps us with that and makes people feel valued. That's a really important point for me. They want to feel like they've got that human connection – for that benefit to come through a gifting platform genuinely is great,” says Ryan.

Another standout feature for Airwallex is the flexibility between using On-Demand gifts or using Enterprise gifts. “On-Demand is perfect for sending something quickly to a handful of people at one company, like a congratulations gift, and then being able to flex up and be more personalised and for a more tailored campaign using our Enterprise gifts is great,” Natalie says.

The ability to ship to different locations worldwide is another valued aspect: “it gives us consistency, global reach and brand ownership – our brand owns the experience from beginning to end,” says Natalie.

Ashleigh Black, Product Marketer at Lightyear: "The perfect New Year gift. Thank you Airwallex and Jonathan for the lovely cocktail kit. Can’t wait to try these."

Looking ahead, Airwallex is excited about &Open's OneLink feature. “For us, events do need to drive demand generation and need to help us with lead gathering, so the ability to combine giving a gift with capturing emails or contact details there and then on the stand is pivotal for us,” says Natalie.

“&Open is a super-easy platform for us to use,” she says, “over time, I believe it will save us money. It's a good option for the environment as well – when I think about going to other events, guests get given the same things every single time. &Open gives people the freedom to choose a gift they want, and gives us the freedom to customize gifts based on what we know about the audience or industry.”

“At a personal level, I know that I would use the platform myself to send gifts. That level of trust is really important. I trust &Open and I would trust it to send my grandmother a present – for it to arrive, and be right.”

Airwallex is just one example of how better gifting has transformed business relationships into ones that last. Want to learn more about getting started on your own customer gifting journey? Book a demo today.

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