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Holly jolly gifts

Our 2021 gifting predictions and suggestions.

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Deep dive into our categories

Holly jolly gifts

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And in our eyes, it is. Even though we believe thoughtful gifting is best practiced year-round, the holidays are an excuse to give a tremendous gift. Something they’ll be surprised by, delighted by, and (best of all) use. Here are a few gift category trends we’re anticipating this upcoming holiday season.

Holly jolly gifts

Food and drink

Think about all the gatherings and late-night kitchen congregations to be had. What a perfect time to offer up a chocolate sharing slab to satisfy sweet tooths, or a bottled cocktail to keep the party rolling. Food and beverage gifts, yes, can be enjoyed alone. But when they’re shared with loved ones during a time of year that’s near and dear to most, savoring that gift feels much, much sweeter.


Last year, Inviqa ran a study asking individuals what’s the largest contributing factor when considering a gift. “85% of respondents said it’s gift suitability — the suitability between gifts and gift receivers.” We believe it, seeing as the personalized gift item market was valued at around $31.63 billion in 2020.

Customizing client gifts is our superpower. Branded touches make the unboxing experience all the more special, and it turns careless merch into personal treasures that customers love. Whether it’s a custom jigsaw puzzle or a one-of-a-kind cotton throw, anything with an extra bout of thoughtfulness always tends to hit the spot.


Supporting brands that prioritize ethical, eco-friendly production is a point customers not only notice but care about. We, too, prioritize gifts that can be sorted into something else after they’ve had lots of wear, tear and love. Like this serving/cutting board that’s made from recycled plastic (and is also fully recyclable).

It feels good to give a gift that you know won’t end up in a landfill. Plus, one can never have enough Christmas charcuteries.

House and home

According to a recent gifting trends report by Etsy, “​​Christmas at home will be a major theme as people look to celebrate in person and make up for time spent apart.” Here here to the future buzz of laughter and warm bodies all under one roof.

To us, the perfect household gift is a mug. Before you knock this classic present, let us not forget that a good, everyday mug is dependent on its maker. While many mugs can be underwhelming, design-focused mugs that are unique, beautiful and have an excellent handle really get people giddy. That’s why we lean on brand partners like HAY , East Fork and Recreation Center . Trust us — it’s a gift that we don’t see getting old for quite some time.


After a trying year, we’ve learned that moments of mindfulness and stillness are beneficial (dare we say needed) in the midst of chaos. As normalcy returns, some may wish to maintain those practices of slowing down and taking a breath, all in hopes of combating the inevitable return of Hustle and Bustle. For us, that means sending gifts like earthy soaps and lotions from Aesop , hand-poured candles from Candlessentials and lambswool socks by Donegal .

Whatever you decide to gift your customers, employees or partners, let those items be indicative of holiday season sensations.

Warmth. Intentionality. Exceptional delight.

Holly jolly gifts

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