Our tools

We offer a range of gifting tools to suit several situations.

A different gifting platform

No address? OK

We need just a name and email address to send a gift invitation

Beyond email

Embed your gift invitation in live chat, social DMs or SMS

Branded communication

Customise each touchpoint to deliver impactful, on-brand gifting

Tracked all the way

We track the gift at every stage and share live updates

Seamless integration

Our platform aligns with existing processes and workflows

User management

Centrally manage all users and their gifting activity metrics

Sentiment insight

We follow up for you - tracking response, impact, engagement

Data protection

All data is secure and compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations

Direct gifting

A simple tool for easy, one-to-one gifting. Select an item directly from your gift catalogue, add a personal message and click send.

Write a personal note or choose from a selection of pre-written messages

Choose the gift or gift bundles best suited to the person

We just need an email address and our gift invitation gathers the rest

Campaign gifting

A clever tool designed for gifting at scale. Mark an event and celebrate the occasion with an impactful, gifting experience.

Send a campaign to 10 or 10,000 recipients in minutes

Tailor the gift, artwork and messaging for maximum impact

Different teams in your business can run different campaigns concurrently

Milestone gifting

A helpful tool for engaging with customers throughout their relationship with your brand. Gifts dispatched automatically celebrate moments like anniversaries or subscription renewals.

Smart triggers recognise when a customer should receive a gift based on their relationship with your brand

Align the gifting and message to the spirit of the moment

Set specific budgets, establish the gifting triggers, explore reach and impact

Gifting is perfect for CX, marketing and brand teams.

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