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Our approach to responsible gifting. In short: Gift less, but better. Leave a large impact, but a small footprint.

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Sustainability Platform

A platform that fuels responsible gifting

We are continuing to internally construct a dynamic, diverse and forward-thinking work environment. An environment where the priorities are taking responsibility for &Open’s sustainable gifting and becoming a force for good as a business.

Caring Bear

Our sustainability promises

Pillars and objectives that guide us throughout the gifting lifecycle.

Gift considerately

To source and design ​responsible, long-lasting gifts.

How: By meticulously selecting sustainable gifts and suppliers, ensuring the gifts we choose score highly on various sustainability attributes, (i.e. recyclability, sustainable material use, support of social or environmental initiatives).

Our goal: By 2023, we aim to have 100% of our portfolio gifts contain one or more sustainable attributes. We’re currently about 50% of the way there.

Tread lightly

To ship our gifts with ​planet-friendly processes and materials.

How: By working closely with our logistical partners and using responsible shipping and packing methods, ensuring efficient planning and offsetting our impact whenever possible.

Our goal: In 2023, we aim to be carbon-neutral and solely use sustainable packaging.

Inspire with impact

To encourage positive social and environmental impact through gifting.

How: By using campaigns that give back and raise awareness around societal issues (e.g. providing donations or educational tools to help recipients learn and grow). Also, through our gift offerings (i.e. meditation apps, MasterClasses).

Our goal: In 2023, we aim to have at least 10% of our campaigns support donations or education.

Where we're at today

At &Open, we want to have a large impact by way of a small footprint. As we set forth to stay true to our word, we’re continuously looking at ways to advance and refine our sustainability strategy. Here's the work we've done thus far.

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Impact surveys

In 2021, we consulted &Open’s key stakeholder groups (suppliers, clients, investors and employees) on social, environmental and governance-related topics. We then prioritized sustainability topics in terms of materiality — AKA key areas and topics that support the positioning of our sustainability strategies and policies.

Carbon footprint icon

Carbon footprint

We started with improving our carbon footprint first. Simply put, businesses play a critical role in reversing climate change. And being a global gifting platform with a significant carbon footprint, we figured this would be a great place to start. By focusing on reduction, offsetting emissions and collaborating with supply chain partners, we aim to achieve our climate-neutral goal by 2023.

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Gift collection

Next, we began looking at our gifts, ensuring they were ethically sourced, sustainable in materials, supported social initiatives and more. We aim have our portfolio be 100% responsible by the end of 2023. And because "sustainability" can cover a lot or a little, we even developed our own scoring methodology to rate our suppliers and their gifts (i.e. BIPOC-owned, cruelty-free, recyclable).

Impact report coming soon...

We're still in the early stages of our sustainability journey. So in the meantime, learn more about our approach to responsible gifting below.

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Our approach to responsible gifting

Three sustainability promises to help us reset and rethink our industry.

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