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Whatever your current system, we slide in and power up gifting from within.

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Bring gifting to wherever you're working

We want to make sure gifting is not only impactful to your recipients, but easy to integrate into your existing tech stack. That’s why we offer powerful integrations for existing CRMs, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, allowing you to view and trigger &Open platform features from directly within your CRM.

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Powerful integration options that support better gifting at scale.

Gifting at scale

We support a range of CRM integration options. These integrations enable workflows for sending gifts to an individual recipient or sending gifts to groups of people in an efficient, single action.

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Trigger sends directly from your CRM

Utilise the power of your existing CRM to trigger bulk or single gift sends using a 1:1 integration. Automate when a gift is send, or manually trigger a once off send without leaving your CRM.

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Manage and monitor gift performance and redemption

Feed updates from the &Open platform back to your CRM to view gift redemption status, shipment updates and your shipment updates.

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Add gifting to your teams workflow without disruption

Set up your gifting choices within the &Open platform to use within your CRM. Allow your team to choose a recipient and send a gift to them without ever leaving your existing platforms.

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Utilize single sign on services

Integrate directly with Gsuite, Onelogin or Okta to safely and securely access your &Open platform without the need to create more passwords.

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Harness the power of gifting

Great gifts hold weight for CX, HR, Marketing and Brand teams. Discover why companies like Airbnb, Spotify and Intercom choose us.

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