Memorable gifting

No more cheap merch. We’ve cracked the code to making corporate gifting surprising and delightful so your brand stands out in any scenario.

Memorable gifting

Gifts for everyone

Because giving is never a “one-size-fits-all” situation, we have delightful physical, digital and cause gifting options to select for the lucky recipient(s).

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Beautiful objects

We deliberately source from brands whose gifts are responsible, uplifting, useful and built to last — from comfortable cotton tees to hand-poured candles, lambswool blankets and oh-so-soft socks.

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A classic, seasonal gift that can't steer you wrong. Choose from carefully-arranged bunches to DIY arrangements for a fragrant experience and fresh take on gifting.

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Food and drink

Create a gifting experience that makes them live in the moment. From delicious vegan chocolate to craft cocktails to spicy chili oils, deliver indulgences that often get overlooked for corporate gifts.

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Cause gifting

Selfless gestures that go the distance. Allow customers to support their cause of choice through a beautifully designed experience that directly deposits funds to nonprofit organizations.

Digital Subscriptions

Digital subscriptions

MasterClass, Headspace, Book of the Month and more. We partner with universally beloved subscription services on monthly or annual gifts that are exclusively available for us.

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Custom merch

Special gifts that can’t be replaced or replicated. Our valued partnerships allow us to custom design items that are elevated and delightful instead of cheap and careless.

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Carbon offsetting

Gift senders have the option to gift carbon credits using Patch through the &Open platform. One carbon credit = one tonne of CO2 emissions that have either been removed from the atmosphere or avoided.

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These are as simple as a Starbucks coffee or as extravagant as an Airbnb Stay. Either way, give them a voucher for something you know they’ll appreciate and (more importantly) use.

A community of best-in-class brands, curated for loyalty-led gifting.

No more careless merch

No more careless merch

Our Creative Gift team works collaboratively with our clients to ensure custom gifts are responsible, high quality and on-brand. We build relationships with talented brands to create considered gift curations and long-lasting partnerships.

Better gifting on-demand

Better gifting on-demand

If you're looking to gift on a smaller scale, and want to make sure it's fast, simple, yet still special, our on-demand marketplace is at your service. Gift from best-in-class vendors like FLOWERBX, Flamingo Estate, Momofuku, Great Jones and many more.

Meet our gifting partners


Reasons to gift: Spring 2024

Spring has sprung, and the year is in full flow. It’s a great time to gift, to stand out from the crowd with a thoughtful gesture.

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Gifts aligned to brand values

Our key to care is a set of characteristics and attributes we prioritize when sourcing gifts from our talented and diverse brand partners. &Open is unique in that we don’t just work with any vendors, all of our vendors are chosen thoughtfully so we can ensure your team and clients are getting the best experience possible.

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Giving back

We believe in investing in organizations and businesses that use their proceeds for a greater good.

Elevating voices

Specifically BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQ+ and female business owners.

Protecting the planet

We tread lightly when it comes to our gifts, packaging and shipping logistics.

Honoring tradition

Traditional artisan crafts embody culture and history, making for gifts that stand the test of time.

Preserving wildlife

Animals bring delight to everyday life, and we source vegan and cruelty-free products as often as possible.

Sparking joy

For some gifts, their sole purpose is to ignite play, curiosity and joy.

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Want to become a gifting partner?

Send us an email using the link below! A member of our team will be in touch should our brands complement one another nicely, as we take great pride in being thoughtful, inclusive and responsible with every gift we source.

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