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BLOG6 min

What is corporate gifting? The ultimate guide to why it matters and how to excel at it

Discover the power of corporate gifting in building lasting business relationships. Learn valuable strategies and best practices.

Industry updates

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BLOG4 min

The definitive guide to B2B sales: Techniques and examples

What exactly is B2B or Business-to-Business sales? Learn more about B2B sales and techniques from the &Open team today.

Gift guides & tips

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BLOG5 min

The joy of holiday gifting: History and culture (and corporate gift guide)

Uncover the history, cultural significance, and global practices of meaningful holiday gifting.

Gifting platform updates

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BLOG3 min

&Open achieves SOC2 recertification: A testament to trust and security

Paul Stewart, Head of Security and Cloud Services, discusses our achievement.

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