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Our latest gifting news

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New On-Demand updates!

Here’s how we’ve upgraded our platform for easier gifting.

Life at &Open

We call ourselves the world’s first happiness platform.

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Dinner and drinks to celebrate the launch of On-Demand

A quiet gathering held in Brooklyn, New York.

&Open in Times Square with Molten Ventures
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Lighting up Times Square

A moment we won’t soon forget.


Our approach to responsible gifting. In short: Gift less, but better. Leave a large impact, but a small footprint.

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Decreasing our carbon footprint

With the help of our new partners at Patch.

Our Key to Care
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Our Key to Care

Characteristics we prioritise when sourcing gifts.

Corporate gifting is broken, we're fixing it.

Here's how we're building the world's first happiness platform.

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Hidden gems

Our platform’s best bits from an engineering point of view.

The world’s first happiness platform, bringing you the world’s happiest newsletters.

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