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4 reasons to invest in gifting now

Head of Sales, Michael O’Mahony, discusses gifting's high ROI with all kinds of personas — especially during tough economic times.

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On-Demand beta and a new $26M Series A raise

A better, more curated way to gift at scale.


Our approach to responsible gifting. In short: Gift less, but better. Leave a large impact, but a small footprint.

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Decreasing our carbon footprint

With the help of our new partners at Patch.

Life at &Open

We call ourselves the world’s first happiness platform.

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Why employees are your best brand advocates

5 reasons to invest in those on the inside.

Gifting for Customer Experience

Say thanks (or sorry) within CX operations to increase CLV, improve retention and create loyal, engaged brand enthusiasts at scale.

BLOG10 min

Reasons to gift for: Summer 2022

Find new moments to celebrate and spread joy.

BLOG3 min

A holistic approach to the customer journey

Before digital was even a concept, there was the local store.

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21st century loyalty

What our first-ever webinar looked like.

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How to build better employee engagement

Impactful employee gifting can be a key driver for increased employee engagement, retention and happiness.

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