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BLOG4 min

Hello B Corp!

A huge moment: &Open is now a certified B Corp

Gifting platform updates

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BLOG4 min

How delighters in product design are now differentiators

&Open's Product Manager Pritish Krishna Panda explores how delighters are shaping businesses.

Our latest updates

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BLOG6 min

What is corporate gifting? The ultimate guide to why it matters and how to excel

Discover the power of corporate gifting in building lasting business relationships. Learn valuable strategies and best practices.

Meet The Gifters
BLOG8 min

Meet the gifters

Unpacking the difference between our gifting solutions.

Gift guides and tips

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From executives to interns: Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your team

Discover the secret to picking the right team holiday gifts for everyone in your company.

&Open Gifts of the Year
BLOG7 min

Gifts of the Year

Good, better, best – what you’ve loved and what you’ve sent in 2023.

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