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Data-driven gifting for modern marketing teams and intelligent, integrated gifting for B2B sales.

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marketing gifts
marketing gifts

Spark engagement

Few brands master the art of genuine engagement, but sprinkle in some authenticity and unexpected promotional gifts like custom apparel or mugs, and you'll bask in the results — watch as customer loyalty and interaction skyrocket, naturally.

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Gifting strategy for Marketing and Sales

Some ideas to help you unlock the power of marketing and sales gifting of promotional products.

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Competition among brands has never been higher, so promotional gifts like business promotional items can immediately catch customers’ attention and brand awareness.

Create connections

Create connections

Customers can see right through meaningless or self-serving gestures. A corporate gift provides the perfect excuse for meaningful conversation.

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Drive growth

Strategic gifting can play a part in lead generation and sales cycles. Done right, promotional giveaways can show appreciation, encourage meaningful engagements, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as help seal deals.

Our learnings on better gifting

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The definitive guide to B2B sales: Techniques and examples

What exactly is B2B or Business-to-Business sales? Learn more about B2B sales and techniques from the &Open team today.

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We’d love to talk about ways a personalized gift can benefit your company as well as demonstrate how our platform works. The best part? You’ll receive a little something in return, getting to see first-hand what better corporate gifting and promotional giveaways look and feel like.

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