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Things that shape us, words that ground us, people that guide us.

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End to end a seamless and great experience with &Open

Corporate gifting is broken. We’re fixing it.

At &Open, we know that lasting relationships aren’t built on wasteful freebies. People need to know they matter. A carefully-selected gift, given at just the right time, has the power to take a relationship beyond the transactional. We thoughtfully curate gifts and take care of logistics from dispatch to doorstep, putting the ease, joy and meaning back into corporate gifting.

How it works
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Our mission, vision and values

We consider these our North Stars guiding our ideas, activities and plans. We use them on a company-wide and individual level to ensure our actions align with our highest aspirations.

We prioritize people

Every action taken should put the human experience first. It’s not just about what we say or do, but how we make people feel. That part matters more than we could ever know or measure. And our strength lies in embracing the unmeasurable.

We cultivate curiosity

Curiosity makes us brighter, kinder and quicker. Our mantra is listen, observe and try. Learn and keep learning. Think big, but start small. Be nimble and courageous. Move at pace, generate momentum and help build a future that’s still unfolding.

We take great care

Everything is connected, so handle with care and consideration. Nurture the small details just as we would the big leaps. Avoid the conventional. Implement rigor and accuracy to the task at hand in order to create the remarkable.

We remain joyful & generous

Put forth joy and optimism whenever possible. Make it more enjoyable for everyone. Assume positive intent. Generosity of spirit holds weight, so let’s show it and share it with all.

We tread lightly

There’s only one planet Earth. Fix things. Leave things better than we found them. Improve the status quo (be it a little or a lot). Pick the path that benefits both the planet and people. Build to last.

We call ourselves the world’s first happiness platform

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