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Our approach to sustainable gifting. In short: Gift less, but better. Leave a large impact, but a small footprint.

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Since our launch in 2017, our platform has focused on making gifting meaningful and impactful. For us, gift giving is not just one moment, but a whole experience, where relationships are created and nurtured. When gifts end up in landfill, this can’t happen. We are working towards reversing the current trend of wasteful gift-giving by leading the way in providing responsible, high-quality, and long-lasting gifts.

At &Open, we select products, packaging, and processes that align with our values of preserving the planet for current and future generations.

Caring Bear

Our responsibility promises and goals

In 2021, we established three fundamental pillars to guide our social and environmental responsibility as well as three concrete objectives to accomplish by the end of 2023. Each commitment shows a distinct aspect of our focus to revolutionize the industry, and each objective is a direct outcome of upholding that corresponding commitment — we prioritize the planet first and people always.

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Gift considerately — to source and design ​sustainable, long-lasting gifts

How: By meticulously selecting responsible gifts and suppliers, ensuring the gifts we choose score highly on various responsibility attributes, (i.e. recyclability, sustainable material use, support of social or environmental initiatives).

Our goal: 70% of the gifts in our gifting portfolio contain at least one or more responsibility attribute — and by the end of 2023, we aim to have 50% of our suppliers fully assessed for social and environmental performance.

Tread lightly — to ship our gifts with ​planet-friendly processes and materials

How: By working closely with our logistical partners and using responsible shipping and packing methods, ensuring efficient planning and offsetting our impact whenever possible.

Our goal: 693 tonnes total emissions in 2023 — starting our net zero journey, we are working towards 10% less emissions in 2023. We’re implementing reduction actions and offsetting our remaining emissions, as well as encouraging all of our clients to avail of carbon-neutral shipping and sustainable packaging.

Inspire with impact — to encourage positive social and environmental impact through gifting

How: By using gifting campaigns that give back and raise awareness around societal issues, such as providing donations or educational tools to help recipients learn and grow. Also, through gifts such as carbon offsets, tree cultivation, mindfulness programs, and more.

Our goal: 10% or more of our clients gifting campaigns aim to support social and environmental initiatives through gift offerings like carbon offsets, tree planting, meditation apps and more by the end of 2023.

Our latest sustainability updates

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&Open’s Environmental Impact Report and sustainable gifting roadmap: From seed to success

Discover our commitment to responsible practices and a greener future.

Our approach to more responsible gifting

Our dedication to responsible gifting practices tackles the underlying problem associated with gift giving, where the anticipation of the ongoing usefulness of a gift can remain unfulfilled, resulting in an unsustainable cycle.

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Thorough sourcing processes

We take great care and attention in selecting our gifts. Our meticulous and considered sourcing process ensures that each gift is thoughtfully sourced with both people and the planet in mind.

Sustainable gift idea: organic cotton sweatshirt

Diversity in suppliers

Secondly, we want to work with diverse suppliers and give our gifting partners the accolades they rightly deserve. At &Open, we aim to increasingly work with and source from smaller brands and diverse business owners.

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Keeping it local

We prioritize locally-sourced gifts, as local shops generate less than half the carbon emissions of deliveries from large online retailers. Our network of local vendors keeps growing, especially with the launch of &Open On-Demand and with our focus on sourcing gifts closer to our warehousing locations.

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The element of choice

Additionally, we prioritize the element of choice for gift recipients. They can choose whether to receive a physical gift or donate to a charity or carbon removal project around the world, thereby reducing overconsumption and minimizing environmental impact.

What our team thinks

I want &Open to be the go-to for organizations and people who care about the environment, but also care about each other. Maybe they want to reward or recognize someone’s work, or just celebrate a milestone with a carefully-sourced gift that resonates with their core values.
Mark Legge, Co-Founder
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Our strategy aims to reduce waste levels, lower CO2 emissions, and avoid unnecessary consumption. We believe that our team can make a difference, and as we continuously improve our gift offerings, we are highly conscious of how we source our gifts.
Alison Poland, Head of Trade Buying and Merchandising
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We must be conscious of our impact on the environment, as every object on this planet has a beginning and an end. For us, it is imperative that we carefully consider the gifts we source and how we ship them, prioritizing environmentally friendly options.
Tomás O’Donovan, Logistics Lead
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Experience how responsible gifting works first-hand

We’d love to talk about how gifting can contribute to your sustainability goals, as well as your business goals. And we would like to give you a gift in return for your time!

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