Customer appreciation gifts

Use gifting to drive customer lifetime value, retention, satisfaction and word of mouth.

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Customer Gifting Platform
Customer Gifting Platform

Build retention

So, let's make your customers more than just visitors and foster loyalty with employees. With a thoughtful gift, you can spark instant connections, ignite engagement, improve customer retention, and fortify your bonds internally and externally like never before.

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Our gifting platform is trusted by global clients, but don’t just take our word for it…

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Gifting strategy for customer success

Some ideas to help you unlock the power of client gifting to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Humanize your brand

Humanize your brand

Happy customers who feel valued are more likely to advocate for your business. A thoughtful gift marks special occasions and show you care about your customers as people more than numbers.

Show appreciation

Show appreciation

When your existing customers write a glowing review, recommend your brand to their friends or simply keep coming back, send them a client appreciation gift to say thank you.

Celebrate customers

Celebrate customers

A client gift can be used to commemorate significant milestones of a current customer's journey. A well-chosen gift can keep your brand top of mind, leave a lasting impression, contribute to positive sentiment, and increase the likelihood of continued partnership.

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Discover the strategic power of gifting to boost brand loyalty and retention.

Gifting with &Open has helped our clients increase retention by nearly 28%

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We’d love to talk about ways giving client appreciation gifts can benefit your company as well as demonstrate how our platform works. The best part? You’ll receive a little something in return, getting to see first-hand what better corporate gifting looks and feels like.

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