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Create advocates

Create advocates

Top tier brands don't just sell, they build community and inspire loyalty among their employees, creating powerful brand advocates. Harness the power of thoughtful gifting, a simple gesture that says, "We care!"

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Gifting strategy for people teams

Some ideas to help you unlock the power of employee gifting.

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

Personalized onboarding or welcome gifts provide a tangible welcome to new employees, reinforcing your appreciation for their talent right from the start, increasing employee morale and setting a positive tone for their journey with the business.

Warm Welcome

Retention and loyalty

Regular, meaningful employee recognition gifts foster a sense of loyalty in employees and contribute to a positive workplace culture. This will increase productivity, loyalty, and job satisfaction and decrease attrition.

Warm Welcome

Brand advocacy

Staff who feel recognized and appreciated are more likely to have better employee morale and speak highly of their workplace. Their advocacy can elevate the company's reputation, attract top talent, and even contribute to customer trust and loyalty.

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