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One gifting platform to build loyalty at scale

Easy-to-integrate technology makes gifting seamless for global companies. Just dedicate, select and send.

Step 1 - Dedicate the gift

Our platform gifts individuals (1-5 people) to entire communities (5,000+), either immediately, scheduled or at milestones. It handles scale and logistics too.

  • Individual, group and community

    Send gifts to one individual, a group of people (5-5,000) or community (5,000+). It makes at-scale gifting fast and seamless.

  • Immediately or scheduled

    Send the gifting interaction immediately or at a scheduled time.

  • Milestone gifting

    Automatically schedule and dispatch gifts on important dates like anniversaries or subscription renewals—and free up your teams for real-time customer matters.

Step 2 - Select your gift

Make a selection from custom physical gifts, cash, food and flowers, subscriptions, donations or even your brand's own products. We'll handle all fulfillment and logistics.

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Our gift partners

We build relationships and collaborations with excellent brands for dedicated gifting partnerships.

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Step 3 - Send your gift

No address necessary with our easy, immediate communication. Send our custom gifting link via email, integrated messaging, live chat, DM or SMS. Customers input their addresses—and we send gifts on their merry way.

Gifting is perfect for CX, marketing and brand teams.

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