Pricing solutions

From no platform fees to completely custom experiences, here’s how you can get started on your gifting journey whatever your budget.

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Enterprise pricing

From The Beginner to The Believer, here's a look into how you can get started on your gifting journey.

Tier 1

The Beginner

1,200 invitations

Key features include

  • Full access to &Open On-Demand
  • Unlimited platform seats
  • Collection of custom physical, digital and cause gifts
  • Branded platform and email templates
  • 1 engagement with the &Open Gift team
  • Dynamic reporting dashboard

Tier 2

The Enthusiast

4,000 invitations

Plus all of Tier 1

  • Hubspot and Salesforce integrations available
  • 2 engagements with the &Open Gift team
  • Sustainable custom packaging
  • Integration with 2 of our global warehouses
  • SSO support via OneLogin and Okta

Tier 3

The Advocate

8,000 invitations

Plus all of Tier 1,2

  • Multiple integrations available
  • Scheduled and milestone gifting
  • 4 engagements with the &Open Gift team
  • Gift ESG impact measurement
  • Integration with 5 of our global warehouses
  • Assigned full-time Happiness Manager

Tier 4

The Believer

16,000 invitations

Plus all of Tier 1,2,3

  • Real-time inventory management
  • 6 engagements with the &Open Gift team
  • Gifting budget constraints and goals
Gift invitations1,2004,0008,00016,000
Platform stats
Branded gift invitations
Responsibly-sourced gifting
Dynamic reporting dashboard
Engagement with the &Open Gift team1 engagement2 engagement3 engagement6 engagement
Global warehouse integration1 warehouses2 warehouses6 warehouses6 warehouses
Custom notecard
Custom packaging
Integration tools1 integration2 integrationMultiple integrations
SSO support via OneLogin and Okta
Happiness managerAssignedDesignated
Partnership on measurement of gift impact
Scheduled and milestone gifting
Real-time inventory management
Cost centre splits / budget constraints
Harness gifting

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