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Different companies require different gifting needs. Take a look to discover the solution that feels right for you.

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Looking for a custom experience?

If you want to send custom gifts, on a larger scale, all across the globe, check out our Enterprise tiers to find the solution that best fits your brand’s needs.

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Tier 1


A great place to start with branding capabilities and access to the &Open Gift Collection.

Tier 1 includes:

  • &Open On-Demand access
  • Branded gift invitations and recipient flow
  • Free standard recycled packaging
  • Dynamic reporting dashboard

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Tier 2


Our most popular tier, complete with extra integrations and single sign-on support.

Tier 2 includes:

  • Hubspot and Salesforce integrations
  • SSO capabilities
  • Designated Happiness Manager

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Tier 3


Kick it up a notch by creating scheduled gifting campaigns and building up a suite of custom gifts.

Tier 3 includes:

  • A range of custom gifts outside of the &Open Collection
  • Branded recycled packaging
  • API integrations

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Tier 4


Craft a completely branded experience on arrival, with bespoke gifts, packaging and cards.

Tier 4 includes:

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Custom notecards with personalized messaging
  • Bespoke translations and integrations
  • Measurement of gift impact

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Need to send a gift now?

&Open On-Demand provides instant access to a collection of beautiful gifts. Choose one and send it within minutes, no sign-up fees or contracts included.

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Try On-Demand today

On-Demand is our brand new offering for companies looking to gift on a smaller scale. Sign up to try it today.

  • Best-in-class vendors = no bad gifts, ever
  • Pay as you go, no contracts and platform fees
  • Now available in the US, EU and UK
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We’d love to talk about ways gifting can benefit your company as well as demonstrate how our platform works. The best part? You’ll receive a little something in return, getting to see first-hand what better corporate gifting looks and feels like.

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