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Decreasing our carbon footprint: &Open announces partnership with Patch

We support environmental projects and offer carbon-neutral shipping.

&Open5 min2022-04-22

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Decreasing our carbon footprint

In honour of Earth Day, we’re excited to announce our new carbon removal partnership with Patch.

We’re long-time encouragers of carbon-conscious efforts on behalf of our clients. However, we’ve been missing a dedicated partner to integrate these efforts with ease, accuracy and consistency.

An API-first platform for carbon removal, Patch makes it easy to track and offset carbon emissions at scale via the &Open platform. This partnership will better enable us to sequester the carbon impact of everyday gifting transactions and work towards a more corporately-responsible business model, both of which align with our larger sustainability goals.

Why Patch?

Whenever working with third-party companies, it’s a given that their ethos and brand values are aligned with our own. What specifically drew us to Patch were the diverse environmental projects they support.

One we found particularly interesting: a project that uses kelp to remove CO2 from our oceans off the coast of Maine. Through kelp farming, carbon is sequestered via photosynthesis. Not only does it happen 20x faster with kelp in comparison to trees, but the operation offers permanent, scalable carbon removal at a low cost and without high land use. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to support projects like this through their range of carbon offset solutions.

Patch Carbon Offsetting Partner

Carbon offsets, as gifts

Speaking of carbon offsets, gift senders will now have the option to gift carbon credits using Patch through the &Open platform. One carbon credit = one tonne of CO2 emissions that have either been removed from the atmosphere or avoided. So by purchasing carbon credits via Patch, &Open clients are giving the gift of supporting verified carbon removal projects across the world. We’re thrilled to be able to add this offering to our collection of cause gifts.

Carbon-neutral shipping

Soon, we’ll be offering carbon-neutral shipping for all existing and new clients. In short: this means that whenever a gift is sent, Patch will enable us to accurately track any carbon emissions created in the gift delivery process. With the Patch technology fully-embedded, we can calculate shipping emissions and instantly offset them for each transaction.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

This past year has consisted of slow and steady work towards becoming a more sustainable company. While there’s much left to do, our goal is to continue gifting with impact while making our environmental footprint smaller and smaller each and every day. We’re happy to say this partnership marks one small step in the right direction. Here’s to sharing more about our initiatives, including how you can help, in the near future.

Interested in our sustainability efforts? In need of better corporate gifting? Book a demo.

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