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Digital gifts in a digital world

Tangibility is beholden to certain constraints. Take it online without compromising thoughtfulness.

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Digital gifts in a digital world

“Well, something is better than nothing.” We’ve all heard it, maybe even thought it ourselves a time or two. When we’ve left it too late to buy and send the ideal gift, the only answer seems to be buying some sort of uninspiring alternative.

We have a suggestion: Instead of getting down on yourself for missing a window of opportunity — which happens, by the way — broaden the lens a bit, and refuse to settle for something subpar.

Great gifts DO exist in the form of subscriptions and vouchers.

Digital gift options

We sometimes forget the influence our hyper-digital world has on how we spend our free time. Things like streaming subscriptions and ride-share services just become part of our monthly budget, expected expenses that many pay for without batting an eye. And yet, when those costs are covered by say, a gift card, isn’t it nice? It’s a little acknowledgment that someone out there sees you, knows what you like, cares.

Where a digital gift’s likeability lies is in its obvious utility.

By partnering with best-in-class brand partners, our digital gifts allow us (and you!) to expedite gifting campaigns, and accommodate last-minute giftings at any time of the year. Here are a few partners we’re particularly proud of, enjoyed by customers worldwide. Our digital gifts take the form of gift cards or subscriptions. You can see the full collection here, but these are five of our favourites of each kind.

Gift Cards

Deliveroo gift card
Apple App Store & iTunes gift card
Uber gift card
Airbnb gift card
Starbucks gift card

Deliveroo gift card

If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s impossible to get wrong — this is it. Whether they love a classic pizza or something more haute-cuisine, this voucher opens up a whole world of food possibilities and delivers them straight to their door.


Time Magazine subscription
Headspace subscription
MasterClass subscription
New York Times subscription
Book of the month subscription

Time Magazine subscription

For those who love to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening: gift a year of Time Magazine, one of the most authoritative and informative guides to the world of current affairs, politics, business, health, science and entertainment.

Digital gifts do work in a digital world

The key: making sure they lead to adventure, stillness, learning — something that goes beyond the screen. No more settling for just giving them something because it’s better than nothing. We can help you do better.

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