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Digital gifts in a digital world

Tangibility is beholden to certain constraints. Take it online without compromising thoughtfulness.

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Digital gifts in a digital world

"Well, something is better than nothing." We’ve all heard it, maybe even thought it ourselves a time or two. When the gift we’d like to give someone is no longer an option, the only answer seems to be buying some sort of uninspiring alternative.

Our team has a suggestion: Instead of getting down on yourself for missing a window of opportunity — which happens, by the way — broaden the lens a bit, and refuse to settle for something subpar. Great gifts do exist in the form of subscriptions and vouchers.

We sometimes forget the influence our hyper-digital world has on how we spend our free time. Things like streaming subscriptions and ride-share services just become part of our budget, expected expenses that many pay for without batting an eye. And yet, when those costs are covered by say, a gift card, isn’t it nice? It’s never going to be the most unique gift, and no, probably won’t make you gasp on the reveal.

Where a digital gift’s likeability lies is in its obvious utility.

Digital gifts have distinctively diversified the &Open offering. By partnering with best-in-class brand partners, we’ve been able to expedite campaigns, as well as accommodate last-minute giftings, for all kinds of clients. Here are a few partners we’re particularly proud of, enjoyed by customers worldwide.

Digital gift options

Airbnb Experiences is a long-time favorite that leads to one-of-a-kind adventures.

Practice your sommelier skills from home. Take a paddleboarding trip when the weather’s warm. Even try your hand at crafting a spicy tuna sushi roll. No matter the experience, leave your gift recipient with a memory they won’t soon forget.

In a world that never stops, Headspace provides room for moments of mindfulness.

Gain access to a library of 500+ meditations on everything from stress, to resilience, to compassion, or use the app to improve sleep patterns with dreamy music and wind-down exercises. Gift a subscription and show you care in an extremely attentive way.

MasterClass encourages exploration and intrigue in areas that might otherwise feel unapproachable.

With categories that cover food, gaming, wellness, tech and more, start learning tricks of the trade from some of the best in the business. This extensive bank of knowledge is a great example of something that’s equally surprising as it is practical.

Digital gifts, surprise surprise, do work in a digital world. The key: making sure they lead to adventure, stillness, learning — something that goes beyond the screen. No more settling for just giving them "something" because it’s better than "nothing". We think you can do better than that.

Does your brand need help with last-minute gifts for the holidays? Believe it or not, there’s still time, and our team would love to arrange digital and/or cause gifts for your customers, clients and employees. Say hello.

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