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Introducing the new and improved &Open platform

Experience seamless corporate gifting like never before.

Jonathan Legge12 min2023-07-11

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Unleash the power of gifting: Introducing the new and improved &Open platform

At &Open, we are helping businesses drive growth, achieve their goals and make an impact through gifting. That is why we are so proud to share the latest updates to the &Open platform that are designed to supercharge and streamline your gifting experience.

Our vision has always been to empower businesses to create meaningful, better gifting experiences for employees, clients, prospects, and everyone else in your ecosystem. Be it for onboarding or recognition, delighting clients, or landing those crucial deals, &Open has curated a seamless gifting solution designed to not only save your team valuable time and effort, but also accelerate your journey towards achieving your business goals.

So, what’s new?

Introducing our revamped homepage:

Enjoy a user-friendly interface with an extensive catalog offering more choice than ever before with both of our on-demand and enterprise marketplaces in one place. No more unnecessary navigation – just a seamless browsing experience.

Updated product pages:

Now you can see all the information you really care about at a glance.

Stock management:

Worried about stock ahead of a big order? No need. Now you can see stock levels displayed on product pages and re-order in just one click.

More choice:

Whether you want to gift multiple items or give your recipient a choice, we cater for both through our combination of enterprise and on-demand catalogs.

No hidden fees:

We're introducing a visually enhanced checkout page that clearly displays any costs associated with your gifts.

Unlimited gifting:

Need to gift a whole team? Or your whole company? We’ve got you covered. Enterprise customers can now gift an unlimited number of individuals easily in just a few clicks.

Improved insights:

Want to know what gifts your recipient has received already? Now you can. We have streamlined our gift history feature so it is even more visual and interactive.

We are constantly striving to enhance our offering and provide the best possible gifting experience. In the past twelve months, we have helped clients send over 200,000 gifts to more than 180 countries, slashing gifting time by 80%.

Why should you gift with &Open?

We make gifting better by combining truly memorable and thoughtfully-chosen gifts with a powerful platform and a global network of best-in-class logistics providers.

Whether it’s a campaign celebrating employees, anniversaries, promotions or just a job well done, our enterprise solution has you covered with a broad selection of customized and premium gifts. And for those special moments in life and work worth celebrating, like a new home, a new baby, marriages and the rest, our on-demand marketplace has everything you need.

At &Open, we take a truly white glove approach to gifting, customizing every aspect of the experience for enterprise clients from start to finish. We will collaborate with vendors (so you don’t have to) and get your custom gifts designed and created, we will tailor the recipient experience so it is fully branded with your business aesthetic and we can even create customized packaging.

On-Demand Platform Update

Not only does our platform blend with yours from a design perspective, you can plug your chosen CRM directly into &Open, thanks to our suite of innovative integrations, allowing you to access your employee or customer data for easy gifting set-up.

For example, if you want to gift your employees based on their start date for anniversaries, you can. If you want to filter the list by employee or customer location, you can do that too. You can slice and dice your data almost any way you wish and create a gifting campaign to suit.

Responsible gifting

Gifting is all about being thoughtful, not thoughtless. That’s why since we launched in 2017, we have focused on making gifting meaningful and ensuring that our products and operations are responsible and increasingly sustainable is a big part of this.

Historically, corporate gifting has been thoughtless and wasteful. All too often, recipients end up with yet another item of throwaway swag. The end result (of cheap, badly made gifts) is disappointed recipients instead of relationship-building and another gift in  the landfill.

On-Demand Platform Update

For us, gift-giving is not just about the short lived experience of receiving it. It is an opportunity to create a lasting impression and ongoing gratitude. Offering low-quality gifts is not only going to disappoint the end recipient and reflect poorly on your brand but also contributes to the growing problem of waste generation.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the purpose of giving gifts is to foster and enhance relationships. This objective is not achieved when the gifts eventually end up in landfill. Therefore, it is essential to confront these issues and actively work towards reversing the current trend of wasteful gift-giving.

Besides that, research shows that 46% of people have a more favorable opinion of a company if the gift they receive is environmentally friendly.

At &Open, we are committed to being part of the solution by providing responsible, high-quality, and long-lasting gifts. We prioritize selecting products, packaging, and processes that align with our values of preserving the planet for current and future generations. By doing so, we aim to reduce waste and ensure that our gifts contribute positively to the environment.

Today’s announcement is just the beginning. We have so much more we can’t wait to share with you so sign up now for our newsletter or book a demo and send your first gift today (even to yourself)!

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