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Gifts of the Year

Good, better, best – what you’ve loved and what you’ve sent in 2023.

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Deep dive into our categories

&Open Gifts of the Year

What is it about the end of the year? It always brings out the reflective in even the most forward looking of us. Something about the darkness of the season and the turning of the year seems to inspire us to reflect on what was done and what’s to come.

So here at &Open, now that the dust has settled on the flurry of December gifting, we’ve taken some time to look at what you were most inspired to send from our platform, along with our team’s favorite gifts of the year.

The People’s Choice: Most gifted On-Demand gifts

The gifts on our On-Demand platform are all so appealing, that among our team it’s famously difficult to decide which to choose. Seeing what you’ve loved throughout the year is such fun!

Graza: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

01 — Graza: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

Turns out you LOVE a condiment. This Drizzle and Sizzle set from cult olive oil brand Graza is this year’s most gifted item on On-Demand and no wonder – with its joyful packaging and great taste it’s as good over pesto and popcorn as it is for frying the perfect cutlet. Picked, pressed and bottled in Jaen, Spain, Graza crafts its olive oil using 100% Picual olives to European standards: fresh, unblended, and delicious — just how it should be.

Whiplash Beer: Pale Ale Selection

02 — Whiplash Beer: Pale Ale Selection

There’s something so fun about gifting great craft beer, and Whiplash is the best of modern Irish beer. Founded by friends Alan and Alex in 2016, Whiplash is a side project that has grown into a permanent microbrewery brewing small batches of award-winning beer in artfully designed cans. Included in this selection is Rollover, an unfiltered, hazy, hoppy and juicy 3.8% session IPA, and Body Riddle, a 4.5% American pale ale that has a touch of pineapple and passionfruit flavor.

Peyrano Torino: Giandujotto Chocolate

03 — Peyrano Torino: Giandujotto Chocolate

A perennial favorite with our team, and it seems, with you too. The Peyrano family has been crafting fine chocolates in Turin, Italy since 1920. This box is a treasure trove of Italy's finest chocolate, crafted from famous Piedmont hazelnuts and carefully-roasted beans. Buttery smooth and slightly nutty, chocolates arrive neatly folded up in their signature golden foil.

The Good List: Most gifted causes

Choosing between charities is another difficult choice – one that is ultimately very personal. Reflecting what you care most about, these are three incredibly deserving charities, highlighting people working on the frontlines of the world’s greatest challenges: conflict and the climate crisis.

Running Tide Ocean Carbon Removal

01 — Running Tide Ocean Carbon Removal

Removing Carbon. Restoring ocean health. Fixing the planet. Running Tide is a global ocean health company that partners with nature to remove carbon, develops nature based interventions to restore ocean health, and creates technologies to map the health of the world’s oceans and amplify the natural restorative power of the sea.

Red Cross | Ukraine Appeal

02 — Red Cross: Ukraine Appeal

Red Cross teams on the ground in Ukraine are continuing their work to repair vital infrastructure, support health facilities, and help families with life-saving food and hygiene items. Your donations have helped those affected get food, medicine, shelter and water, and to help the Red Cross assist those displaced by conflict.

Médecins sans frontières

03 — Médecins sans frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières is an international, independent humanitarian organization providing medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Their teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff — most of them hired locally — and they are guided by the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

The Nice List: Our top custom gifts

Our talented gift and buying teams pour their hearts and souls into all of our custom gifts for Enterprise clients – not all of which we can share with you, of course! But there are always some that are that little bit special: these are our top three this year.

Airbnb: Hackathon

01 — Airbnb: Hackathon

Airbnb’s Ground Control team approached us about gift ideas for their annual Hackathon event, where engineers collaborate in-person to come up with new product ideas. They wanted great, practical swag with a commemorative feel, knowing that this would be a necessary motivator for submissions.

Every aspect of this campaign was customized to reflect Airbnb's branding for this event, from emails to the recipient platform, gift and packaging.

We put together a bundle of gifts that hit the mark, branded essentials designed for everyday use. A multifunctional ‘GO kit’ inspired by the Hackathon’s visual identity, with everything you need for a daytime excursion.

The bundle featured a Nalgene water bottle alongside a wallet, corduroy cap, tie dye socks and a card holder, all presented together in a reusable cotton pouch — perfect for hiking, biking, hacking or napping in the sun.

Intercom: Fin

02 — Intercom: Fin

To celebrate the launch of Fin, Intercom’s new AI chatbot, we asked the Irish-based, award-winning furniture and product design duo Sam Agus Nessa to craft a custom memento for their executive team.

Inspired by the Fin icon, it’s a piece of ebonized oak that makes for a cheerful paperweight, eye-catching desk ornament or perfectly pocket-sized companion.

Something special that truly brings the product to life for the team who created it.

Tines: Event swag

03 — Tines: Event swag

Working with the Tines Marketing team, we developed this modular event swag pack, which they can send out for both internal and external events around the world.

Fully branded in the Tines brand identity, it has everything you need for the ultimate event swag pack: a traditional carpenter pencil for important scribbling, a super-soft sweatshirt or hoody, an exclusive Tines enamel pin badge, an everyday classic six-panel cap, a small-but-mighty pen made from an innovative recycled material, event sticky notes (or tiny offline reminders), the perfect tee, a vinyl sticker, a classic aluminum water bottle, and a pair of durable Irish-made socks.

From beer to handmade wooden sculpture – it has been an extraordinary year of gifting. Feeling inspired for 2024? Get in touch with our team and let’s discuss how we can bring your brand to life with incredible, creative, thoughtful gifts.

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