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Our company mission, vision and values

Guiding principles as we journey onwards and upwards.

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Our company mission, vision and values

Our company principles, much like culture, team habits, and internal slang, have existed from Day 1. They’ve secretly been around since the early ideation days, quietly adapted as we developed product and people, columned themselves into stronger pillars as the world was challenged for 2+ years, and just recently formed into sound, succinct statements that, yes, will continue to evolve but feel right for right now.

These principles, a mission, a vision and values, are intentionally intertwined. Our mission is instilled by our values which help us to work towards our vision; to truly achieve one, you must understand the others. Together, they create a moral compass for the organization and its employees, guiding decision-making and establishing a standard for which future decisions can be held against.

Not only are these guiding principles connected, but they are also courageous claims. Without falling too hard on our roots of Irish humility, what we’ve decided on below isn’t perfect, and is intended to push us, stretch us, challenge us. Forget as a company, but as human beings.

Great things, products and cultures aren’t born from safe spaces. They are born from being uncomfortable. Leaping forth. Holding one another accountable.

For us, it all starts with the mission, vision and values.

Inspire brand loyalty with thoughtful acts of care.

Simple, straightforward, yet a vital heartbeat to what we do and believe. Turning gift recipients into brand loyalists through an act as old as time was the reason we got into this business. It works. And it will remain our day-to-day focus, a reminder of why we send great gifts and what that delivers for our clients.

Make care and kindness everyday business practices.

Our ultimate end goal will always be to make this world a brighter, kinder, more beautiful place to be. This is done through how we treat one another and how we treat our planet.

We prioritise people.

Every action taken should put the human experience first. It’s not just about what we say or do, but how we make people feel. That part matters more than we could ever know or measure. And our strength lies in embracing the unmeasurable.

People want to feel seen, heard, valued. So we start with treating humans like humans. Do away with the sales-y slang and growth buzz words, and prioritise forming a genuine connection first and foremost. After this, the rest typically falls into place.

We cultivate curiosity.

Curiosity makes us brighter, kinder and quicker. Our mantra is listen, observe and try. Learn and keep learning. Think big, but start small. Be nimble and courageous. Move at pace, generate momentum, help us build a future that’s still unfolding.

Curiosity makes us brighter, kinder and quicker. Our mantra is listen, observe and try. Learn and keep learning. Think big, but start small. Be nimble and courageous. Move at pace, generate momentum, help us build a future that’s still unfolding.

We take great care.

Everything is connected, so handle output with care and consideration. Nurture the small details just as we would the big leaps. Avoid the conventional. Implement rigour and accuracy to the task at hand in order to create the remarkable.

Just like our gifts (and just like our approach to global gifting), small things eventually amount to big things. So we do them right the first time through, taking the extra minute to properly format docs, spell check a colleague and make our design exceptional every single time. When we operate in this space of consistency, it helps us to put forth the best work possible.

We remain joyful and generous.

Make work more enjoyable for everyone. Put forth joy and optimism whenever possible. Assume positive intent. Generosity of spirit (be it kindness or consideration) holds weight, so let’s show it and share it with all.

For the world’s first happiness platform, we’ve sure gathered a joyful bunch of people to run it. We strive to practice what we preach and leave a lovely footprint on the hearts of those we interact with, inside and outside the company.

We tread lightly.

There’s only one planet Earth. Fix things. Leave things better than we found them. Improve the status quo (be it a little or a lot). Select gifts, packaging and processes that embody a better future. Pick the path that benefits both planet and people. Build to last.

In the words of Greta Thunberg, “Change is coming whether you like it or not.” We know our operational and logistical functions impact the environment. So it’s our responsibility, our duty, to be more mindful. We won’t get there overnight. But small improvements matter just as much as the big ones.

At the core of everything we do, the above is considered. And while these values, mission, and vision statements are ‘new’ to being written down, printed, published, they are not new to those who have worked with us or for us.

Here’s to the future of gifting — may it be filled with intentionality, delight, and (you guessed it) care.

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