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Reasons to gift: Summer

Find new moments to celebrate and spread joy.

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Reasons to gift for: Summer 2022

Summertime brings warm sunshine, blue skies and countless reasons to revel. If you choose to recognize them, there are many occasions where — when marked with a well-timed, carefully-curated gift — brand loyalty is boosted, feelings of appreciation soar and lasting memories are made.

Read through our handful of reasons to give someone a thoughtful gift this summer; the perfect time to unleash your generosity while nurturing both personal and professional relationships.

Pride Month: June 1-30

Arguably one of the most colorful and joyful times of the calendar year. Celebrate LGBTQ+ groups around the world by championing diversity and equality within your own team.

Send a custom jigsaw or a one-of-a-kind cotton throw, anything with an extra bout of thoughtfulness. Adding a customized element to any gift is always a great way of making people feel seen, heard and appreciated.

International Plastic Bag Free Day: July 3

International Plastic Bag Free Day aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags by raising awareness around the grave issues of plastic pollution and the serious threat that it poses to our natural environment.

There are stylish, sustainable alternatives out there that double up as the perfect planet-friendly gift, like the turtle bag or one of BAGGU's sturdy, 50-lb capacity totes made from 100% recycled materials.

Reasons to gift: Summer 2022

Cheese Rolling Day: June 5

Every year, Gloucestershire locals tumble 650 feet down to the bottom of Cooper's Hill chasing a 9-lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese at astonishing speeds (sometimes over 70mph!). Some say it's a celebration of the end of winter and the growth of new crops, others say it's madness.

Whether it's for hosting cheese or charcuterie, a modern house chopping board captures the essence of traditions honored and a love of food and play that brings people together.

National Work From Home Day: June 30

The holiday we didn’t know about two years ago which, for most, has become the new every day. And it's only becoming more and more prevalent, with a Stanford study discovering that productivity increased by 13% with WFH vs in-person employees. How nice it is to abandon the commute, ease into the day with a home-brewed cup of coffee (make that two) and acknowledge the many other perks of the home office — all whilst ticking off that to-do list with enthusiastic vigor?

A perfect way to mark the occasion: Send an office desk plant from The Sill to liven up their desk space. Or a traditional Japanese Koma or puzzle as tiny tools for play. Go big or go home.

World Chocolate Day: July 7

The tradition of gifting chocolates, one of life's greatest indulgences, dates way back to the 19th century. And we believe there's no need to stop anytime soon.

Show your customers you care by taking into consideration their every want and need. Send chocolate — but make it fancy and surprisingly vegan. Expand your employee's horizons by way of taste buds with a sharing slab made for breaking, cracking and sharing.

Back to School Month: August 1-31

It can be daunting for parents, teachers, schools and children as the time comes to switch up routines after the long summer break. Build the foundations for a successful school year by prepping ahead so they can really hit the ground running.

Dust off the books and backpacks, and tick off that supplies checklist. New notebooks, pens, and other gifts as simple as a sturdy mug can help smooth the transition for all.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: August 4

The possibilities are endless for sharing tasty, irresistible treats on National Chocolate Chip Day. Milk Bar's assorted tin certainly has a story to tell, one filled with sweet and salty twisty turns and surprises. What goes hand in hand with a cookie? A steaming cup of coffee. A subscription — not to Starbucks, but a shop that feels a bit more exciting — makes the perfect pairing.

Reasons to gift: Summer 2022

International Beer Day: August 5

Celebrated on the first Friday in August every year, when summer's end begins to loom and the weekend beckons us to put aside work, it's a day for friends and colleagues to come together and converse over a cold, frothy beverage.

For anyone that's not a fan of a malty brew, a bottled cocktail will certainly keep the party rolling.

National Book Lovers Day: August 9

The ideal day for a digital detox; nestle into your favorite coffee shop nook, put your feet up and devour the pages of a good book.

A Penguin classic is bound to get any bibliophile excited when unboxed.

National Relaxation Day: August 15

Rest and relaxation are crucial when it comes to combatting the effects of the daily grind. Motivating your employees to take the time to recuperate and rejuvenate their tired minds not only prevents burnout but also boosts feelings of positivity and concentration.

In the spirit of mindfulness, gift a subscription to Headspace or Masterclass. For something restorative of a physical nature, opt for earthy soaps and lotions from Aesop to go alongside hand-poured candles from Candlessentials.

With so many reasons to celebrate this season, we've made it easy to never miss a gifting moment, big or small. Book a demo.

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