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Reasons to gift: Winter

Gifts to bring comfort and joy — but especially joy!

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Reasons to gift for: Winter 2023

It’s officially the season for unapologetically living in your housecoat, snacking on chocolate for breakfast and enjoying the comforts of being inside 24/7. So while things may look a bit gray out there — and the temptations to curl up in a quiet corner grow — choose to send some sunshine and a smile á la gifting.

Surprising and delighting others in the depths of winter somehow feels extra good. And we think it’s because you’re cutting through the gloom and post-holiday wintertime with a bright, joyful something special. So time to bring a little extra fun to the table, because gifts aren’t JUST for Christmas and Santa’s not the only one skilled in this field.

Without further ado, here’s your list of all the dates and delightful reasons to gift this first, wintery quarter of 2023.

Reasons to gift: New Year

New Year: Hello, 2023

Ring in the new by making resolutions for the year ahead. Need inspiration? Showing more gratitude is one that always springs to mind for us. Let them know you care with a thoughtful, well-timed gift.

Perhaps something evocative of fresh starts? Inspired by Flamingo Estate’s seven acres of lush LA gardens, the Garden Tour represents a magical journey, a sensory stroll of sorts gifted to everyone who uses their products. Or send them positive sentiments for the year ahead with Intelligent Change’s Mindful Affirmations. We also love the Time Out hourglass — a perfect companion for mindful moments.

Reasons to gift: Cheese

Cheese Lover’s Day: January 20

More than just an art form, it’s a way of life. The earliest record of cheese-making dates back to 5,500 BCE and there are now over 1,400 varieties of this delicacy to tuck into and try.

Know a cheese connoisseur who has strange or exotic tastes? Or someone who likes experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen? Jasper Hill Farm’s cheese and preserves scrumptious collection doubles up as the perfect post-dinner pairing exercise. Either that, or a set of Fredericks and Mae’s specially-designed cheese knives, or both — which would tie the whole occasion together quite nicely.

Reasons to gift: Puzzles

National Puzzle Day: January 29

The ultimate brain teasers and people pleasers. We all know a problem solver with a certain set of expertise who rejoices when it comes to this entertaining holiday.

For logical thinkers who rejoice in visual perfection and unexpected twists, the answer is always Different Puzzles. Be it a Lazy Lotus, a Gravity Gallery or a Tulip Twister. Been there, solved that? Piecework’s puzzles are a great reminder that life can’t be all work and no play. Plus, they’re made from 100% recycled paper. If it’s someone with a busy schedule, a Craighill Tetra Puzzle is a fascinating challenge to pick up, set down and keep picking up again and again.

Reasons to gift: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day: February 17

It's a day to celebrate kindness and pay it forward by spreading a bit of light and love. What better way to cultivate feelings of sincerity than by sending a gift?

BAGGU’s reusable totes are like a trusty friend; there when you need them and great at making you smile in a pinch. A Seasonal DIY Box from Postal Petals might hit the spot, as a delighting of the senses seems like a good idea for showing you care. No matter the cost or the size, it’s the thought that counts! Remember: Acts of kindness not only bring joy to the receiver, but to the giver as well.

Reasons to gift: Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday: February 21

Initially a feast to celebrate the arrival of spring, Pancake Day (or Fat Tuesday to our US friends) remains one of the most indulgent days of the year.

The ideal pan for a flipping extravaganza? Great Jones’ King Sear cast iron will keep them crisp and perfectly circular. And we love the playful pop of color it brings to the kitchen — almost too pretty to put away! You’re also going to need a drizzle of Graza EVOO to go with that.

Reasons to gift: World Candle Day

World Candle Day: March 01

For some, candles are mostly used during wintertime. For others, candles are the largest line item of the monthly budget.

If their daily mantra sounds a lot like “you can never have enough candles”, The 3 Sisters set from Flamingo Estate is going to be number one on their best-gifted list. A close second? The Nicely Odd Candle from Lex Pott. Some say it’s odd, others say it’s a sculptural work of art.

Reasons to gift: Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day: March 03

The opportune moment for employers to give thanks or recognition to their employees. Recognizing and celebrating employees' great work — not only on this day but every day of the year — is at the core of our mission, after all.

Make them feel seen, heard and valued with extra-special customized surprises from the likes of Everybody.World. Be it cozy joggers, snuggly socks, a simple T or a sweatshirt they can switch off in. The options are endless for Enterprise gifting. Failing that, On-Demand’s got plenty to choose from.

Getting into the gifting spirit? Sign up to start better gifting On-Demand or book a demo with a member of our team today.

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