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Scan — tap — gift. OneLink.

With in-person events making a comeback, we've noticed a significant uptick in event gifting on our platform over the past year.

Pritish Panda, Product Manager7 min2024-02-14

Deep dive into our categories

Event Gifting

In line with our mission to offer the finest gifting experience for our clients, we've embarked on a journey to build something better: how can we make event gifting – typically fraught with logistical challenges – an easier, smoother, simpler experience?

The problem

As a product team, we zoomed out and delved into our users' event gifting journey, only to uncover that traditional event gifting is simply broken.

Let’s break it down:

  • Event gifting is a logistical mess, involving the hassle of sending, storing, and managing stock during the event, not to mention the headache of dealing with leftover stock afterward.
  • Estimating stock becomes a guessing game, often resulting in surplus stock that's challenging to handle.
  • The absence of a digital trail makes it tough to quantify impact; you’re often in the dark about who received gifts and when, leading to a lack of meaningful data or actionable leads.
  • To add to the chaos, your carefully crafted brand message gets lost in the sea of event swag, blending in with every other giveaway collected by attendees. It's time for a change!

We had a set of guiding questions:

  • How could we eliminate the pain points associated with managing and storing stocks during and after events?
  • How could we transform event gifting into a powerful lead generation solution and an effective tool for building brand awareness?
  • How could we tackle the issue of leftover stock, ultimately saving costs for our clients?
  • How could we leverage our top-tier physical gifts and recipient experience and seamlessly integrate them into event gifting?

We went back to the drawing board, with the goal to create the most user-friendly, scalable, and delightful solution for event gifting.

The solution: event gifting simplified

Introducing OneLink, our latest innovation designed to revolutionise the way companies do event gifting.

  • Say goodbye to the challenges of managing on-site stock.
  • Bid farewell to the headache of excess leftover stock.
  • Say hello to on-brand event gifting experience and robust gifting data.

It’s as simple as one link – for all of your gifts. Effortlessly create a gift link, ready to be shared anywhere, or generate a QR code that can be prominently displayed during events.

Scan — tap — gift. OneLink.

Event attendees simply click on the link or scan the QR code to enjoy a fully-branded gifting experience. Each redeemed gift transforms into a valuable lead or interaction, offering a golden opportunity for fostering meaningful business connections.

For company events, you can use our security features to ensure only employees can get a gift. With OneLink, the days of event gifting hassles are officially behind us.

The best part? OneLink sends gifts directly to recipients' doorsteps, eliminating on-site stock handling, reducing waste, and ensuring an unforgettable gifting experience aligned with your brand. And your brand will have attendees’s complete attention when they receive the gift.

Take event gifting to a whole new level

Check out our latest webinar to learn more about our new feature, OneLink and be among the first to use it.

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Take event gifting to a whole new level

The &Open marketing team got a sneak preview of the feature, and have been seriously impressed with the results: “By using OneLink for our recent New Year gift campaign, we saved hours previously spent on uploading recipient information to the &Open platform, downloading individual gift links, and mapping these links back into Salesforce before sending the gift invite emails. The ability to generate a single gift link for multiple recipients drastically simplified the process, cutting time spent on gift campaign setup by 80%.”

Wondering if OneLink is for you? Let’s take a look at some of the use cases:

Event Gifting

In-person events

Who: Field Marketer, Channel Partner, Partnerships, Brand Partner, Event Organizer

As a field marketer, managing event logistics and booth gifts can be overwhelming. OneLink simplifies the process by allowing attendees to scan a QR code, providing their details for a direct-to-doorstep gift delivery. It efficiently collects first-party data, generates leads, and initiates post-event lead nurturing.

Problems Being Solved:

  • Enhances digital trail for lead capture, strengthening relationships.
  • Eliminates delivering and managing on-site gift stock.
  • Removes difficulties in estimating stock, ensuring sustainability and avoiding leftover items.

Event Gifting

Virtual events

Who: Demand Generation Marketer, Growth Marketer, and Product Marketer

For virtual events, OneLink offers a personal touch to thank attendees. Setting up a campaign, generating a OneLink QR code, and displaying it during the event creates excitement, boosting redemption rates and adding a fun touch to the virtual experience.

Problems Being Solved:

  • Adds a personal touch to virtual events, improving reply and conversion rates.
  • Eliminates the need for individual gift links, simplifying the process.
  • Increases redemption rates with QR code display during the event.

Event Gifting

Networking events

Who: Leadership and C-suite

OneLink provides a unique networking opportunity at industry events. C-suite professionals can create a campaign, generate a OneLink QR code, and save it to their device. This streamlines networking, replacing business card exchanges with QR code scans for carefully selected gifts, fostering lasting impressions and stronger connections.

Problems Being Solved:

  • Addresses impersonal networking methods, such as exchanging business cards.
  • Enhances the digital footprint of networking events for post-event connections.

Event Gifting


Who: Leadership and C-suite

Leaders leveraging &Open for talks or workshops can create campaigns with OneLink QR codes, displaying them during presentations for an engaging and memorable experience. This facilitates immediate audience response, captures attendee information, and ensures follow-up communication after the event.

Problems Being Solved:

  • Provides a unique and memorable experience during presentations.
  • Simplifies the management and distribution of physical gifts post-event.

Event Gifting

Employee events

Who: Heads of People

For Heads of People organizing employee events, OneLink transforms gifting logistics. Generating a OneLink QR code allows attendees to scan and receive gifts directly, streamlining distribution, eliminating leftover inventory issues, reducing waste, and catering to personal preferences.

Problems Being Solved:

  • Simplifies the logistics of distributing gifts at employee events.
  • Eliminates leftover inventory and associated waste.
  • Reduces the burden on employees and caters to personal preferences.

OneLink saves time, minimizes waste, and simplifies lead capture at events, all while delivering an unforgettable gifting experience that speaks volumes about your brand. Simply scan – tap – gift. It’s going to change everything about event gifting.

Welcome to the future.

To learn more about how you can get OneLink in your life, book a demo now.

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