The language of flowers

We revere flowers for their beauty, but you can say a lot through your choice of blooms alone.

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The language of flowers

Gifts often build up additional meanings, handed down through history, culture, faith and folklore. From marking anniversaries with different materials to celebrating religious festivals with certain food offerings, they speak a symbolic language that goes beyond the literal.

A well-known example of this is the extensive code that surrounds the giving of flowers. Their significance throughout history transcends the botanical, reaching deeply into the poetic, the emotional, and the romantic. We revere flowers for their beauty, but you can say a lot through your choice of blooms alone. Here are a few of our favorites:

Language of flowers


The mimosa first became a symbol of women’s freedom on March 8th, 1946 — now known as International Women’s Day. Italian women gifted the flower to one another on the day in order to highlight their plight as undervalued and overworked employees, a simple gesture that has resonated for almost 80 years.


The forget-me-not is a flower that wears its heart on its sleeve. The stories behind the name may vary (one suggests the flower forgot its name while blooming in the Garden of Eden), but the message remains the same: to ensure a favorable and indelible memory of the sender.


Once synonymous with medicinal properties, nowadays the peony is associated with financial success, good fortune and love. The pinker the flower, the more romantic the meaning, with paler pinks indicating bashfulness and well meaning, while red peonies are a wish for wealth and prosperity.

Our Top 5 favourite On-Demand flower vendors:

Farmgirl Flowers — US
Bloom & Wild — UK
Flowerbx — UK
Erva — Ireland
The Crate — Ireland

Farmgirl Flowers — US

Farmgirl Flowers is a female-founded and predominantly female-run company specializing in burlap-wrapped bouquets. Experts in their field, they always go the extra mile because they’re passionate about designing the type of floral arrangements they’d want to receive themselves.

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Bring forth May flowers

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