Building lasting loyalty in the 21st Century: Thoughtful gifting as a key strategy for business success

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&Open10 min2022-06-06

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21st century loyalty

CEO, Jonathan Legge, and Sales Manager, Richard Mahony, sat down this week to discuss how gifting has become a high priority for companies that choose to take a more considerate approach to brand loyalty — moving beyond a nice-to-have to becoming a crucial part of doing business. Here's a quick recap of what we discussed.

1. Who we are and what we do

&Open sends gifts from brands to people around the world. Our powerful platform, beautiful gift collection and global reach help us forge lasting relationships between companies and customers.

2. How we’re fixing corporate gifting

Because it’s broken at the moment. People don’t feel valued with thoughtless freebies but rather acts of care built upon delightful surprises.

3. Why brand loyalty matters

Businesses are powered by their relationships with their customers, employees and prospects. Show them you care and establish loyalty because people matter more than numbers.

Didn’t make it on the day? The good news is we recorded the whole thing. Watch the replay here:

We’ll be hosting another webinar soon, but if you’re interested in gifting with us in the meantime, book a demo.

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