Opening up: The power of choice in holiday gifting

Join our gifting experts in this webinar to learn all about using choice to power up your holiday gifting.

Louise Donnery5 min2023-09-11

Deep dive into our categories

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The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and the spirit of giving. It's that magical time of the year when we show our appreciation for loved ones, colleagues, and clients by exchanging gifts. But, how do we ensure our gifts genuinely resonate with the recipients?

Enter the power of choice. Imagine a world where your loved ones, colleagues, and clients can choose their own holiday gifts, ensuring that the season of giving is not only memorable but also deeply personal. That’s what our innovative platform enables.

In our recent webinar hosted by &Open Co-Founder and Buying Director, Ciara Flood, and Head of Brand Partners, Ros Leach, we explored the concept of choice in holiday gifting. We delved into the "what," the "why," and the "how" of creating impactful holiday and end-of-year gifting campaigns that are as unique as the people you're celebrating.

This is our first webinar in our Opening up: Holiday edition series, where experts will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to craft amazing gifting campaigns for the holidays.

Empowering gift recipients with choice

At the heart of this webinar is the concept of choice. Our innovative gifting platform redefines the art of giving by offering recipients the power of choice. The ability to select a gift that resonates with their values, preferences, and desires is so impactful. Whether it's a commitment to sustainability, supporting underrepresented communities, or simply choosing an experience over a physical item – the power of choice allows your gift recipients to select a gift they want every time.

What makes a great gift?

During the webinar, Ros Leach explained the three critical principles for creating exceptional gifts:

  1. Think customer: Consider the recipient's values, connection to your business, and the message you want to convey. Be mindful of sustainability and supporting underrepresented communities.
  2. Longevity: Choose gifts that stand the test of time, both physically and emotionally. Quality often outweighs quantity, and a thoughtful gift creates lasting memories.
  3. Be considerate: A good gift should be useful and unexpected. Explore digital gifts, donations to meaningful causes, and experiences beyond traditional physical items.

The power of choice transforms the traditional approach to holiday gifting by offering recipients a trio of gift categories:

  • Physical gifts: Meticulously chosen and elegantly presented, delivered to your recipient's doorstep.
  • Digital gifts: Curated digital experiences that ignite curiosity and excitement, from Masterclass subscriptions to Airbnb adventures.
  • Cause gifts: A chance to make a positive impact by donating to a chosen charity or cause, creating a ripple effect of goodwill.

The power of choice isn't just a concept; it's the driving force behind a gifting revolution that puts recipients at the heart of the celebration. Let’s explore the real-world value of choice and its profound impact on gifting.

Real-world gifting campaign success

In one remarkable campaign to celebrate Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped, gift recipients were offered three distinct options: sustainably produced sweatpants, a Headspace subscription, or the opportunity to donate to select charities. The outcome was enlightening.

51% of recipients opted for the comfort of sweatpants. 18% opted for a subscription to the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace, and 31% donated to a cause. This campaign underscored the powerful allure of choice. It celebrated that choice adds a personal touch to gifting, making it a memorable and cherished experience.

A pie chart showing the breakdown of choices made for a gift, 52% physcial gift, 18% digital gift, 31% cause gift.

In addition to Spotify's gifting success, we featured client gifting campaigns that embodied the art of tailored gifting to strengthen brand connections. These campaigns were not just about giving gifts but about creating unforgettable experiences.

Snap, known for its vibrant yellow colors, gifted the option of branded pickleball sets, beach towels, or a donation to UNICEF, to their top creators. This campaign showcased the value of brand alignment and the seamless integration of choice into the gifting process.

A selection of Snapchat gifts, including a pickleball set, a UNICEF donation and a beach towel

Etsy, the renowned online marketplace, expressed appreciation for its employees through a campaign celebrating craftsmanship. Handmade mugs and custom blankets featuring creators' artwork highlighted the company's values.

A selection of holiday themed gifts and a mug

Airbnb, synonymous with memorable travel experiences, extended its hospitality to its host and guest community through a diverse range of gifts and experiences, including branded Airbnb playing cards, dog chew toys, Airbnb experiences, or an Aesop travel kit.

A selection of Airbnb gifts included a branded dog chew toy and a phone showing an Airbnb experience

Choice was the common thread connecting these offerings, ensuring recipients received something tailored to their tastes. By giving recipients the freedom to choose, these brands conveyed that personal preferences matter.

Why choose &Open for your gifting needs?

Choosing &Open for holiday gifting campaigns creates unforgettable experiences for your recipients while giving them the power of choice.

  • Fully branded redemption experience: Customize the recipient experience with your brand's colors, fonts, logo, and imagery, from initial outreach to gift redemption. Make every interaction a seamless and on-brand gifting experience.
  • Power of choice: Offer your recipients the power to choose their preferred gift, ensuring it resonates with their tastes and preferences.
  • Gifting expertise: Our team of gifting experts is passionate about creating meaningful connections and memorable moments. It's not just about the item; it's about the sentiment and the smiles it brings.
  • Simple sign-up, no hidden costs: Navigating corporate gifting should be straightforward. Get started with &Open hassle-free, with no surprises or hidden fees.
  • Seamless integrations: We seamlessly integrate into your CRM, becoming the missing puzzle piece that completes your business strategy. Make gifting an integral part of your operations with ease.
  • Commitment to sustainable gifting: We deeply care about our planet, and sustainability is at the core of our practices. From eco-friendly products to sustainable packaging and delivery, we're dedicated to positively impacting the environment.

The power of gifting

As we navigate the holiday gifting landscape, let's remember that the real-world value of choice extends beyond tangible items. It's a way of saying, "Your preferences, values, and happiness matter." Embrace choice this gifting season, and craft heartfelt, personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Unlock the potential of the power of choice in your gifting journey. Explore our insightful webinar's on-demand recording to discover how choice can transform your holiday gifting experiences.

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