Gifting solutions

Gifting is for anyone and everyone. Here’s how it can successfully boost engagement and ROI across various departments, industries and use cases.

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Solutions for every department

Internal teams harness the power of gifting every day. It helps them meet their goals whether boosting revenue or engagement or building new relationships.

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Customer Experience

Say thanks (or sorry) within CX operations to increase CLV, improve retention and create loyal, engaged brand enthusiasts at scale.

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Gift throughout the customer lifecycle to generate leads, boost revenue growth and build brand awareness and affinity.

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Reward staff and attract top talent with milestone gifts or a random surprise to promote healthy retention rates and overall employee satisfaction.

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Nurture qualified leads, close the sales cycle faster and exceed target revenue by showing that transactions don’t have to be purely transactional.

Gifting initiatives

Insert care into every initiative

Gifting can achieve a number of goals across industries and teams through these targeted use cases.

Sales Development

A thoughtful gift in a crowded market increases response rates, revives lost leads and helps book more meetings and demos to exceed sales projections and quotas.


A tailored gift for targeted accounts strengthens ABM and ABX strategies at scale. Attract, engage and convert customers to drive overall revenue.


An unexpected gift drives customer engagement, incentivizing attendance and registration for in-person and virtual events.

Customer Experience

A milestone or surprise gift builds customer loyalty and retention, increases renewals and improves a bad experience.

Company Culture

A team-wide gifting strategy welcomes new hires, boosts morale and shows high-performing employees their value.

Increased referral rate of 36% with one gifting campaign.

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Gifting tools

Harness the power of gifting

Great gifts hold weight for CX, HR, Marketing and Brand teams. Discover why companies like Airbnb, Spotify and Reebok choose us.

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