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A year in review: &Open’s 2022 gifting unwrapped

From supporting causes globally to launching on-demand gifts, here's the roundup.

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Gifting Unwrapped

The joys of gifting are usually idolized around the calendar year’s end, but we’ve always believed that good gifts should be given and received all year round. Luckily, throughout the entirety of 2022, we were able to reach recipients all over the globe for companies that chose to intentionally nurture relationships with better corporate gifting. And what a treat it was.

Here’s a quick glance into the last 365-ish days of &Open, which involved a lot of change, a lot of new customers and clients, and (without fail) a lot of great gifts. Ready to unwrap?

We sent gifts far and wide…

Connecting people across many miles and map contours. Thanks to our global warehouses and our team’s shared love of logistics, we delivered happiness to over 75 countries! Impressive, huh? Fun fact: We’re one of the few gifting platforms that can facilitate sending gifts outside of the US and Canada! And we always deliver with taxes and duties taken care of, so no nasty surprises for international recipients.

Gifting Unwrapped

Supported who we could, when we could…

At a time when it was needed most, our clients chipped in on cause gifting efforts. With their help, we donated thousands to organizations assisting in the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. Specifically: the Red Cross, Choose Love and Voices of Children charities.

Gifting Unwrapped

Worked with really lovely clients…

Many more than last year, nearly doubling our client roster from 2021 to 2022. A few new members of the &Open clan include Etsy, Circit and Course Hero. Here’s to working with many more wonderful, caring companies in the months to come.

Sleighed the holiday season…

Generosity (AKA gifts sent in a single day) reached a record-breaking high during the first week of December! Further proving that spreading seasonal cheer by way of beautiful gifts is a two-way ticket to unwrapping a little more joy.

Gifting Unwrapped

Nearly reached the North Pole…

Our closest gift in proximity to Santa’s grotto was Hammerfest, Norway — which some might say is just a pole’s throw away.

And even started something brand new.

The launch of our latest endeavour, &Open On-Demand, welcomed in exciting new brand partners and a stellar collection of ready-to-ship gifts. The verdict is in, and gifts made by Momofuku, The Epicurean Trader and Flamingo Estate were the most popular for On-Demand users.

Gifting Unwrapped

That’s a wrap! A big thank you to those that made these last 12 months not only possible, but hopeful. Here’s to more excitement and endless gifting possibilities as we ring in the New Year. 2023, we’re ready for you.

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