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&Open launches On-Demand marketplace to revolutionize corporate gifting

Here’s how we’ve taken gifting to a whole new level.

Jonathan Legge5 min2022-10-18

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Countless hours of hard work have finally come to fruition. On behalf of my co-founders and the rest of the &Open team, I’m pleased to announce the official launch of &Open On-Demand. Our latest endeavor. Easy, joyful, on-demand gifting — it starts today.

&Open On-Demand marks the beginning of a step change in how we make beautiful, thoughtful corporate gifting accessible not just for global enterprise companies, but also small- to medium-sized businesses.

We recognize that gifting isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and sometimes SMBs don’t have the budget or need for an Enterprise offering. With the On-Demand platform, businesses can dip their toes into gifting without having to commit to annual contracts or SaaS fees, all while making the recipient still feel extremely special and valued in the process. Which, to us, is the most important part.

So, why is On-Demand so special?

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It makes gifting really easy.

Over here we like to say, “No address? No problem.” Instead of spending hours trying to figure out where your recipient lives, we do the digging for you, getting your gift where it needs to go in a timely, eco-friendly manner. We also give you options… Either send your gift invite via an automated email, or share a unique gift link in a text, DM or live chat — wherever your conversation is currently happening.

There are no bad gifts — ever.

We’ve assembled a community of best-in-class brands like Flamingo Estate, Ghia, Momofuku and so many more to make hundreds of gifts available to On-Demand users. From punchy chili sauces crafted in Ireland to California produce harvested for bath and body botanicals, we promise you can't go wrong. And a nice bonus: You only have to pay for the gifts that are redeemed.

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We source locally for faster shipping.

Sourcing and shipping locally within the US, Europe and (soon) the UK means that you can send gifts with a minimal carbon footprint. Ever tried to find the best flowers in New York for a client you want to thank? Not easy. Luckily for you, we’ve established brand relationships across the globe so gifts can arrive fresher and faster, with no surprise customs or duties costs for oversea shipping.

Making someone’s day is just as rewarding for the sender as it is for the recipient. So go forth. Send a smile, by way of a beautiful gift, with &Open On-Demand.

Jonathan Legge, CEO

The wait is finally over. Ready to surprise and delight customers, employees, clients and more with just a few clicks? Try On-Demand today.

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