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Our 2022 holiday gift guide

What modern-day loyalty looks like for HR and CX teams.

The &Open Gift Team8 min2022-08-16

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Modern-day loyalty. It’s a concept that isn’t based on how we can make customers more loyal to us, but rather on how we can show more loyalty to customers. Once that loyalty is expressed first, the returned sentiment comes naturally, willingly and with the intention of lasting a long time.

If we’ve learned anything over these last few years, it’s that modern-day loyalty begins with letting people know they matter. The holiday season provides a perfect opportunity to do just that, showing kindness and appreciation during a time of year that can feel more overwhelming than most. So we created a holiday gift guide, specifically for CX and People folks, to evoke loyalty that lasts.

A surprising puzzle, woven cotton blanket and set of Aesop exfoliants and balms.
A surprising puzzle, woven cotton blanket and set of Aesop exfoliants and balms.

As we sat down to connect with vendors and begin sourcing products for our 2022 holiday catalog, our team couldn’t help but think about what gifts would move the needle with brand loyalty. We leaned into the comforts and joys of the holidays and found gifts that embodied versatility, usability and delight — gifts that would actually lead to increased brand loyalty for our clients. Things like decadent marshmallows, one-of-a-kind sipware, soft cotton blankets and quirky puzzles. Our list is purposefully agnostic, as gifts don’t have to be expensive or classically “fancy” to spark joy upon opening. They just have to be the right kinds of gifts geared for the right group of people.

Modern-day loyalty looks a little different from what it did 20-30 years ago. The kind of loyalty we’re talking about “is akin to devotion. Yes, it also uses data, tech and automation to measure and predict customer value, and keep people coming back. But it leverages these tools in more human, more creative ways — inviting customers to join something greater.” Sure, most companies participate in corporate gifting. But the industry’s been broken for quite some time, with packages being sent that are either meaningless to the recipient, harmful to the environment, or worst of all, both. And neither of those things sound or feel like devotion in this day and age. Now, gifts have to hold a deeper meaning, something that speaks to values, social causes or core beliefs.

A mindfulness journal and hot chocolate melting pieces.
A mindfulness journal and hot chocolate melting pieces.

So this year, as various types of teams worldwide (HR, CX, even Marketing and Sales) begin to prep and plan for holiday gifting initiatives, we’ll be here encouraging them to send gifts that spark loyalty. This approach has offered a high ROI for our clients time and time again, and is one we’ll continue to recommend.

That being said, behold our 2022 holiday gift guide, one that’s very much indicative of the positioning explained above. Keep scrolling to dive right in.

Gifts for HR and People teams:

A digital voucher to Airbnb Stays, festive champagne coupes paired with a festive batched cocktail.
A digital voucher to Airbnb Stays, festive champagne coupes paired with a festive batched cocktail.


A long year packed to the brim with hard work calls for a gift that invites (even welcomes) the idea of some well-deserved downtime. Consider a woven cotton blanket paired with a festive batched cocktail for a gift come December. And if your company and employees love a good give-back opportunity, offer up a donation to their charity of choice.

External partners

If freelancers, agencies or even advertisers have done a stellar job, especially towards the end of the year, send them a little something that expresses gratitude without breaking the bank. For the creative minds, ship a puzzle that reveals a surprising element as you piece it together. Or for the more strategic, gift a beautiful borosilicate mug for sipping morning tea and planning for the day ahead.

Facility managers

Let us not forget the ones that take care of your company’s space. From the cleaning crew to security staff to everyone in between, we recommend a set of exfoliants and balms or a journal to facilitate mindfulness in a matter of minutes; anything that’s evocative of extra relaxation. Their jobs are important ones indeed, so don’t forget to include them in your holiday gifting plans.

Gifts for CS and CX teams:

A digital voucher for Book of the Month and lovely candlesticks.
A digital voucher to Book of the Month and lovely candlesticks.

Inactive customers

Looking to reignite the spark with a group of lapsed customers? We know just the thing to warm them up: rich, Irish-made hot chocolate hunks coupled with the fluffiest s’mores-flavored marshmallows around. Don’t forget to include a thoughtful notecard to let them know how much they’re valued, even if it’s been a minute since they’ve engaged with your brand.

Loyalty program members

A toast to the ones that keep coming back for more. Your most loyal customers should be rewarded with a gift that feels extraordinary, so our suggestion? Lovely candlesticks, delicate yet festive champagne coupes and a custom-branded product (crewneck, notebook, tote bag). A good gift with this audience delivers a high ROI in the form of word-of-mouth referrals and increased revenue.

Just because

We always say that a gift can be sent whenever, to whomever, without a reason other than to make them smile. And sometimes, customers should be rewarded on just-because occasions. So go on and surprise them with festive DIY ornament-shaped biscuits or a digital voucher to Airbnb Stays, Book of the Month or food delivery service.

A beautiful borosilicate mug coupled with the fluffiest s’mores-flavored marshmallows around.
A beautiful borosilicate mug coupled with the fluffiest s’mores-flavored marshmallows around.

Those are just to name a few! We have yet to discover a bad reason to send a gift, so lead with generosity this holiday season, no matter the budget. Loyalty has the power to spark engagement, boost long-term retention and increase your bottom line, and it can be built through thoughtful acts of care — AKA a really lovely gift.

Better holiday gifting starts now (seriously, it does). Connect with a member of our team today to get a full look at our holiday 2022 gift catalog.

Curious about gifting with us? Get in touch.

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