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Introducing new On-Demand updates: making gifting easier and more enjoyable

Here’s how we’ve upgraded our platform for easier gifting.

The &Open Product team5 min2023-02-28

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New On-Demand updates!

Exciting news! We’ve got some brand new updates to our On-Demand platform to announce. Your (much-appreciated) feedback has been noted and significant improvements have been made to ensure the gifting process is easier, efficient and all the more enjoyable.

From a revamped user journey to the ability to gift up to 15 recipients at once, our team has worked hard to improve the entire gifting experience. Watch a quick platform demo below hosted by Vanessa, &Open Product Manager, to see the updates in action, or keep scrolling to get the full scoop on all the new features.

Gift multiple recipients at once

The one you’ve all been waiting for… Arguably our biggest and most exciting new feature is Gift to Many. Until today, you could only gift one recipient at a time, but now you have the ability to gift up to 15 people, all at once, in a single gifting flow. Perfect for 1) saving precious time, and 2) sending gifts and spreading joy to groups of coworkers, clients and customers.

So, what else is new?

See the gifts first

We’ve updated the On-Demand homepage to present our gift catalog immediately upon logging in — making it easier to browse and choose the perfect gift for your recipient right from the get-go.

Filter like a pro

We’ve also introduced a new recipient country filter that allows you to send local gifts to recipients in different countries based on their location. With just one click, you can update the filter alongside your price and category.

On-Demand Platform Update

Send gifts faster

We've streamlined our user journey too, reducing the number of steps it takes to send a gift (3 clicks!) and allowing you to focus on the fun part: choosing who to surprise and what options to send, without any hassle.

Keep everything in order

We've also restructured our navigation, giving you quick access to your Gift History, Admin, Payments and FAQs. This’ll make it easier to navigate our platform and find exactly what you need, when you need it.

On-Demand Platform Update

With these updates we’re bringing a whole new level of ease, convenience and fun to the art of gift-giving. Hope you’re feeling inspired to send surprises to even more people in your network — sign up or log in today to dive right in.

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