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Celebrating excellence in corporate gifting: 8 Winter 2024 G2 badges for &Open

From achieving Leader status in Europe and EMEA to earning accolades for ease of doing business and exceptional support, learn why businesses trust &Open for innovative, reliable, and customer-centric corporate gifting solutions.

Alex Calder4 min2024-01-09

Deep dive into our categories

G2 Awards Winter 2024

We’re delighted to have added eight badges to our G2 trophy haul with the release of the new G2 Winter 2024 Report. These badges are a further symbol of our unwavering commitment to excellence and to providing the best services and solutions for our clients with our corporate gifting platform.

Let’s take a look at the badges we earned:

  • Leader Europe
  • Leader EMEA
  • Leader – Small Business

The G2 Leader badge is a hallmark of excellence, reserved for companies that consistently receive high ratings from G2 users, with substantial market presence and satisfaction scores.

We’re proud to have achieve 3 Leader badges this winter: in Europe, EMEA, and in the Small Business category in the Rewards and Incentives space.

As a Leader in the Rewards and Incentives category, we set the benchmark for innovation, reliability, and excellence. These badges underscore our position as a trusted partner in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their corporate gifting goals.

  • Easiest to Do Business
  • Easiest to Do Business With – Small Business

Doing business with &Open is a breeze, as evidenced by our Easiest to Do Business With badges. This recognition signifies that we prioritize a hassle-free and user-friendly experience for our clients, making interactions and transactions smooth and efficient.

Even though we’re a small business, our commitment to simplifying the process of doing business with us is clear. We strive to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients, prioritizing client satisfaction at every step.

  • Best Support
  • Best Support – Small Business

The Best Support badge exemplifies &Open's dedication to customer satisfaction – businesses can count on &Open for exceptional support. This accolade demonstrates our commitment to assisting clients at every stage, ensuring they get the support they need to succeed.

  • High Performer

&Open's outstanding performance is celebrated with the High Performer badge. This accolade showcases our significant impact and presence in this diverse and dynamic market, reaffirming our position as a leader in the rewards and incentives space.

Some kind words from recent reviews

&Open solves a common use case in a really uncommon way. In B2B Saas, there's a normalized distance between you and your customer. Breaking through this digital barrier in any way you can does a lot to humanize your brand and solidify relationships in a way that shows you care about the customer experience. Doing this from scratch is difficult, and working with &Open means you can leverage the minds, hearts and creativity of folks who care as a career. They really take the time to work with you and amplify the brand, care and outcomes in ways you'd be unlikely to achieve on your own.

Phil B.

The interface is extremely user friendly and I love how I can send gifts within just 2 minutes. One of their main USPs is their excellent customer service - it makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. I look after staff engagement and recognition and part of the role is to look after staff giftings - before discovering &Open I used to spend over 10 minutes/ employee when organizing gifting. With &Open the time has now dropped to 2 minutes.

Francesca C.

The concept of on-demand gifting provided by andOpen is simply brilliant. The platform offers a wide range of thoughtful and high-quality gifts, carefully selected to suit different preferences and occasions. With just a few clicks, we could curate unique gifts for our loved ones, ensuring each present was tailored to their needs and tastes. In challenging times, andOpen has not only provided us with a practical solution, but they have also rekindled our belief in the power of love and connection.

Daria K.

Receiving these reviews and badges is a testament to the true value and joy we bring our clients – and their customers. We’d like to thank each and every &Open client for their reviews, support, and ongoing loyalty. We appreciate it.

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