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Ciara’s holiday 2023 gift picks available on-demand

A few of her favorite last-minute options for all you procrastinators out there.

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Ciara’s holiday gift picks

Leaving your holiday gifting to the very last minute? No need to panic quite yet. Our co-founder Ciara Flood, has a great eye and a taste level that’s truly unmatched. This is her guide to her top On-Demand holiday gifts this season!

Read on to see what they are and why she’d send them to the lucky recipients on her list. From the playful to the downright delectable, everything below will arrive just in the nick of time (AKA before December 25th). So get ready to take notes, you might just be inspired.

Gifting within the US?

Eleven Madison Park's Granola Trio Gift Box

Eleven Madison Park's Granola Trio

Served for over a decade as a parting gift at the end of the meal at Eleven Madison Park, this granola is made with an addictively salty-sweet blend of certified gluten-free oats, nuts, seeds, and spices, plus a mix of seasonal fruits.

Compartés Christmas Gift Box of 9 Chocolates

Compartés Christmas Gift Box of 9 Chocolates

Filled with delicious, award-winning chocolates, this selection offers Christmassy flavors like gingerbread, butter pecan, pumpkin, sticky toffee and more. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, this indulgent gift features a festive design with a Christmas tree, lights and foxes on the cover.

Flamingo Estate The Garden Tour Gift Box

Flamingo Estate The Garden Tour Gift Box

Something a bit special. Inspired by Flamingo Estate’s seven acres of lush LA gardens, each product represents a stop on the tour they wish they could give to everyone who uses their products — so relax with a nice long bath and enjoy a sensory stroll in lush greenery.

Gifting within the EU?

Peyrano Piedmontese Giandujotto Chocolate Box

Peyrano Piedmontese Giandujotto Chocolate Box

A treasure trove of Italy's finest chocolate, crafted from famous Piedmont hazelnuts and carefully-roasted beans. Buttery smooth and slightly nutty, chocolates arrive neatly folded up in their signature golden foil.

The Lismore Food Company Panettone

The Lismore Food Company Panettone

Made with love in the rolling hills of Italy, this traditional panettone is decadent and soft, enriched with fresh egg yolks, golden butter and studded with chocolate chips

Yiayia and Friends Fruit Vinegar

YiaYia & Friends Fruit Vinegar

This one-of-a-kind red fruit vinegar is made from organically grown grapes, blended with the natural juice of richly aromatic red fruit. Great for salads and marinades, to add flavor depth and complexity to your culinary creations.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hand Duo

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hand Duo

Designed to keep your skin smooth and supple, this duo is formulated with high performance ingredients which help reduce the visible signs of aging, boost hydration and soften skin to leave hands refreshed and youthful-looking.

Gifting within the UK?

The River Cafe Gift Box

The River Cafe Gift Box

This gift box celebrates the holidays with style, with crunchy Cantucci, delicate Cipriani Tagliolini, tasty San Marzano tomatoes and salty El Caprichio anchovies, as well as a hand-blown glass bowl from Carlo Moretti — perfect for Peyrano hazelnut dragées — and the newly-designed River Cafe apron and playing cards.

Flowerbx Holiday Wreath

Flowerbx Berried Eucalyptus Wreath

Go green this festive season with a modern alternative to the traditional wreath, a winter wonder offering seasonal charm and minimalist edge in equal measure. Handmade from fresh foliage and topped with a velvet ribbon, it’s perfect whether on display inside or out.

On the Table Ultimate Grazing Board

On the Table Ultimate Grazing Board

Why dine when you can graze? Turn a night in into something special with this curation of best-in-class brands, a small-batch flavor safari for two or more people. Go forth and graze!

There you go! Thoughtful, last-minute gifts that don’t feel “last-minute” at all. More importantly, each one will get to your recipient before December 25th. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit send ASAP.

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