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52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees

Browse these corporate gift ideas for your employees to show appreciation and win over top talent.

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52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

Corporate gift ideas for employees

Employee gifting increases happiness and shows them they are valued, improving their well-being.  It can also help you boost employee engagement, building a motivated workforce. And from a management perspective, it goes beyond spreading joy—it becomes a business move.

Did you know that over 85% of employees say they are not engaged at work – and that just a 2% boost in employee happiness can directly impact revenue growth? Employee retention rates also soar (by up to 54%) when people feel acknowledged, appreciated, and essential.

This blog post will explore the meaning of corporate gifting and the best corporate gift ideas for employees. Knowing how to choose the right appreciation gift and when you should gift for maximum impact is essential.

What makes a good company gift for employees?

Choosing the perfect company gift for your employees doesn’t need to be complicated. We recommend sticking to these three categories when picking an employee gift.

Practical: One goal of gifting is to provide your employees with gifts they will use. Premium stationery, notebooks, water bottles, and wireless headphones are great examples of useful gifts. They will use these things often and act as a daily reminder of your appreciation.

Personal: Understanding your employee’s likes, dislikes, interests, and hobbies goes a long way in choosing the perfect gift for them. Handpick a thoughtful gift that speaks to their unique qualities. Better yet, pen a thank you note to include in the package. This personal touch will help forge a deeper connection.

Unexpected: Your gift should put a smile on your employee’s faces. It’s not just about the element of surprise but also creating a fun and unique gifting experience. Choose unique and delightful gifts like puzzles and games.

How to choose the perfect corporate gift for employees

The art (or science) of selecting the perfect gift doesn’t have to be complicated. The &Open platform lets you pick from truly unique gifts inspired by your employee’s interests, tastes, and hobbies.

Every customer is signed up to the &Open gifting platform. You can choose from two different gift catalogs based on whether you are on the Free or Enterprise tier. Our gift catalogs offer unique and exciting choices, carefully selected to tell their memorable stories.

What is the difference between the two catalogs?

Gifting just a few people? On-Demand is perfect if you want to send an instant gift directly from your chosen brand. This is great for occasion-based gifting, like birthdays or weddings.

Enterprise is the way to go if you’re gifting whole teams or companies. With Enterprise, you can also customize a range of gifts, adding your company branding and logo. We will customize the gift recipient experience to match your brand and can also make personalized packaging for a complete branded experience. Your gift recipients can also choose their own physical gifts, as well as digital gifts and cause gifts.

Still not sure how to pick the right company gift for your employees? Follow these rules for giving a good gift. Below we will list the best corporate gift ideas for employees that will inspire, delight, and drive impact.

The best corporate gift ideas for employees

There are many categories of corporate gifts to suit every taste, interest, and budget. &Open’s gift catalogs offer a diverse selection of items. These include homewares, clothes, technology, treats, relaxation gifts, and unexpected delights.

52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

Tech gifts

Thoughtful tech gifts energize employees, spark creativity, and foster a strong connection between an organization and its staff. They’re also incredibly useful, and your employees will use them daily.

1. Beoplay HX Headphones, Bang & Olufsen, $541.

2. Beoplay EX Earbuds, Bang & Olufsen, $400.

3. Theragun Mini, Therabody, $216.

4. SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker, Bose, $185, customizable.

52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

Home and apparel gifts

Home and apparel gifts aren’t just aesthetic and functional but something to boost employees’ well-being and homely comforts. A well-chosen coffee mug for a team can be a great gift idea and create a strong connection over those virtual coffee chats.

5. Scented Candle, Diptyque, $92.

6. Cloud White Hydrangeas, FLOWERBX, $69.

7. Reverence Hand Duo, Aesop, $120.

8. Meander Candle Holder & Candles, Superfolk, $108.

9. Dutch Baby, Great Jones, $110.

10. Mass Wine stoppers, Fort Standard Objects, $96.

11. Kaleido’s Dusty Blue Tray, Hay, $38.

12. Hand-glazed mug, Studio Arhoj, $44.

13. Organic cotton sweatshirt, EVERYBODY.WORLD, $92, customizable.

14. Recycled cotton blanket, &Open, $98, customizable.

15. Travel Cloud Bag, Baggu, $85.

52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

Tasty gifts for the foodie

Selecting drool-worthy delicious treats goes beyond just satisfying cravings. It’s about cherishing the joy of food, sampling artisan olive oils, brewing world-class coffee, and enjoying a shared experience. High-quality sweet treats, gift baskets, and tasty tipples are great company gift ideas for employees.

16. The Chef’s Kiss Selection (Extra virgin olive oil, wildflower honey, salsa macha), Flamingo Estate, $106.

17. Limoncello & Cantucci Biscuits, The River Cafe, $55.

18. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wonder Valley, $36.

19. Seasonal Citrus Box, Marmalade Grove, $52.50.

20. Hot sauce 5-pack, Secret Aardvark, $33

21. Negroni, Lockdown Liquor Co, $29.

22. Giandujotto chocolate, Peyrano Torino, $35.

23. Chocolate sharing slab, Bean and Goose, $44, customizable.

24. The Aperitif Hamper (Pet-Nat 2018, Can Sumoi, spiced nuts, caperberries, crackers, rounds, marmalade, dark chocolate candied orange peel), Melrose and Morgan, $$138.

25. The Sampler Collection, Coffee Manufactory, $26.

26. Floral & Spicy Jam Set, London Borough of Jam, $23.

27. The Chef’s Pantry Box, Eleven Madison Home, $135.

28. Ultimate Variety Pack, Momofuku, $65.

29. Recycled Chopping Board, Fredericks & Mae, $46

52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

Relaxation and wellness-inspired gifts

Wellness and relaxation presents are not just good business gifts. They are a way for your organization to show your commitment to the health and well-being of your staff.

30. Dr. Sturm’s Essentials, Dr. Barbara Sturm, $380.

31. Bel Candle-holder, 3rd Ritual, $165.

32. Igneous Kit - Body, Aesop, $47.

33. Headspace subscription, starting from $32.

34. Book of the month subscription, starting from $50.

35. Beeswax candle (pair), Woodtown, $20.

36. Little Wonders Set, (oil cleanser, face oil, wonder serum, body oil), Wonder Valley, $72.

37. Theragun Prime, Therabody, $215.

52 of the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2023

The unexpected delight

We love the unexpected gift. These gifts bring spontaneity and excitement into our professional routines, sprinkling delight into our workplaces. You can even brand them with your company logo or a custom design. There are countless options for custom corporate gifts with &Open.

38. Masterclass subscription, starting from $25.

39. Ice Cream Sampler, 6 Flavors, McConnell’s, $72.

40. The Cheese & Preserve Collection, Jasper Hill Farms, $100.

41. Best of SF Box, The Epicurean Trader, $125.

42. Superseed Granola, The Hampton Grocer, $22.

43. Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, COCO Chocolatier, $15.

44. The Anna, Bloom & Wild, $25.

45. Seasonal DIY Box, Postal Petals, $130.

46. Jack Puzzle, Craighill, $102.

47. Scallop Linen Napkins, Matilda Goad, $105.

48. Hand-Thrown Mug, Recreation Center, $46.

49. Pomponette Coupes, Maison Balzac, $150.

50. Fridays from the Garden Cookbook, Flamingo Estate, $78.

51. Flower Press & Wildflower Seeds, Erva, $49.

52. Donation, Black Girls Code, starting from $5.

When to send your employees gifts

Sending employee appreciation gifts at the perfect time can have a profound impact and leave a lasting impression. Consider these occasions-based gifting opportunities;

  • Holiday seasons
  • Employee appreciation days
  • Work anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Life events (engagements, weddings, babies, new homes)
  • Customer milestones
  • Company milestones
  • Product launches
  • Special recognition awards
  • Referral rewards
  • Just because

Acknowledging and celebrating those moments that hold significance for your team is crucial.

Why you should gift your employees with &Open

The &Open gifting platform

A fully branded, end-to-end experience;

At &Open, we’re not just about gifting for a special occasion but about creating unforgettable experiences. We take care of everything when it comes to gifting. We work with great vendors, create unique gifts, and ensure the recipient has a memorable experience. Our powerful gifting platform offers fully branded redemption experiences for your recipient, from initial outreach to gift redemption. Every digital aspect from emails to microsites to packaging, and even physical handwritten notes can be customized to reflect your unique brand.

A team of gifting experts;

Our team puts passion and expertise into every gift. It’s not about the item; it’s about the sentiment, the connection, and the smile it brings.

Simple sign-up with no hidden costs;

Navigating the realm of corporate gifting should be simple. Getting started with &Open is easy.

Seamless integrations;

We seamlessly integrate into your CRM like a missing puzzle piece that completes the picture. Our platform’s smooth integrations ensure that your gifting becomes an integrated element in your business strategy.

Committed to sustainable gifting;

Like you, we deeply care about our planet. Sustainability is more than a buzzword for us; it guides every decision. We use eco-friendly practices in our products, packaging, and delivery.

Looking for the perfect corporate gift for your employees? Start your &Open journey today and check out our employee gifting solutions.

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