Employee engagement strategies: Building a passionate workforce through thoughtful gifting

Employee gifting increases employee engagement, retention, and happiness.

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How to build better employee engagement

In the competitive corporate landscape, developing innovative employee engagement strategies is crucial to sustaining the passion and commitment of your workforce. Thoughtful employee gifting is a highly effective method to increase employee motivation and dedication. Download our comprehensive report to uncover the extensive benefits of incorporating corporate gifting into your employee engagement strategies.

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What is corporate gifting? Corporate gifting is a way to build and bolster strong relationships with your employees.

While senior and executive-level employees often receive recognition, junior to mid-level employees - the unsung heroes of the working world - may be overlooked. Many companies primarily focus on nurturing external stakeholders, such as suppliers, partners, and customers, while neglecting their valued employees.

Did you know that over 85% of employees say they are not engaged at work – and that just a 2% boost in employee happiness can directly impact revenue growth? Implementing employee engagement strategies that cater to the internal workforce boosts long-term motivation, performance, and overall commitment to the company.

Happy workplaces are more profitable; employee gifting is good for business. The link between employee well-being and profitability has been shown through numerous studies. Harvard Psychologist Daniel Goleman's book, Primal Leadership, highlights a significant finding: with each 2% boost in employee happiness, revenue experienced a 1% growth. This confirms the strong connection between a positive workforce and a company's financial success.

In our detailed report, we will explore the following topics to enhance your employee engagement strategies:

1. The impact of gifting on employee engagement strategies

Discover why acknowledging and rewarding employees is essential, and understand how a tangible, thoughtfully selected gift can make recipients feel truly valued and appreciated within the organization.

2. Crafting the perfect gift for employee engagement

Selecting the right gift is vital when it comes to fostering employee relationships. At &Open, we know what makes an outstanding employee gift. Using a gifting platform like &Open for your gifting needs provides you with the best of both worlds; cutting-edge technology combined with personal touches to ensure your custom corporate gifts are truly impactful and memorable. Our gifting platform can even cut time spent on gifting by 80%.

3. The ideal occasions for gifting: Maximizing your employee engagement strategies

Uncover some of our favorite employee gifting occasions and learn how these moments can greatly impact employee morale and engagement. Explore how &Open can help establishing your own tailor-made gifting program to complement your existing employee engagement strategies.

Our report will equip you with practical insights, tips, and tactics to strengthen your employee engagement strategies. Harness the transformative power of thoughtful gifting and witness a tangible shift in the passion and dedication of your workforce.

Ready to harness the power of gifting? Book a call and discover how we can help you to improve your employee engagement. (Not to mention, you’ll get a really great gift in the process.)

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