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Meet the gifters

Unpacking the difference between our gifting solutions.

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Deep dive into our categories

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There’s no question that corporate gifting can be a complex task — not to mention a varying one. Sometimes you’re surprising a single individual in the moment, and others you’re planning global campaigns for the masses. For this exact reason, we offer two solutions: On-Demand and Enterprise. To paint a better picture of who should use what solution and when, we’d like to introduce you to unofficial &Open gifters.

These gifting personas (and their current predicaments) may just provide all the guidance you need when determining if On-Demand or Enterprise is right for you. Explore the five gifters’ journeys below, and take note if their stories feel any bit similar to your own.

Meet Sally:

Meet Sally The Gifter

The SMB founder just getting started.

With a small business like Sally's, she's found the value that lies in thanking loyal customers who've been supportive of her new venture since Day One. Her ideal way of doing that? Through sending a small yet meaningful gift. By continuing to engage with those VIP customers in a genuine way, she'll keep building brand loyalty and awareness via word of mouth of the customers that love both her and her product.

The best solution for Sally: On-Demand.

Sally wants to dip her toes into thoughtful corporate gifting. Therefore, she needs a platform that houses beautiful gifts and flexes to her budget. With On-Demand, she can easily surprise and delight her top customers while she continues to focus on building her brand.

Meet Pepper:

Meet Pepper The Gifter

Head of the People team at a global corporation.

Pepper has 20+ years of experience at companies of all sizes. This position is her biggest one yet, as she's in charge of taking care of thousands of employees all over the globe. With a big budget and desire for seriously epic gifts, she wants to make their company's corporate gifting the best it's ever been. However, Pepper doesn't even know where to begin with a staff of this scale...

The best solution for Pepper's team: Enterprise.

Pepper requires a bespoke plan and platform that works not only for her, but her entire People team. From beautiful branded packaging to exciting custom gifts, she's looking to make gifting as special as possible to reward and retain employees worldwide.

Meet Alex:

Meet Alex The Gifter

The Account Executive looking to engage their sales pipeline.

Alex has a pipeline full of potential prospects, all at various stages of the sales cycle. Their goal with gifting is to nurture relationships of any nature — from those about to cross the finish line to others that simply need a little nudge. Bottom line: Alex wants to be more intentional than competitors who are also vying for their prospects' business.

The best solution for Alex: On-Demand.

Alex knows that gifting isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. They need a variety of gifts to choose from since each sales relationship is not only unique, but valuable (literally). With On-Demand, they can act fast and send gifts that feel personalized per prospect.

Meet Clark:

Meet Clark The Gifter

The Customer Support Director that cares.

Not every transaction goes swimmingly in the e-commerce world. Mistakes are inevitable, which is why making sure wrongs are turned into rights is a primary focus for Clark and his team. From shipping mishaps to product problems, Clark's goal is to go above and beyond when resolving issues, ensuring customers return even after having not-so-great experiences.

The best solution for Clark: Enterprise.

Clark's team requires a branded gifting experience that tells customers, "We're sorry. We can (and will) do better." With high-quality, intentional gifting, he'll help his team resolve issues quicker and more effectively, retaining customers no matter the mishap.

Meet Eddie:

Meet Eddie The Gifter

The Executive Assistant gifting on behalf of his boss (AKA the CEO).

Most CEOS need someone who's more on top of their calendar than they are. In this instance, that person is Eddie. From people that need thanking to relationships that need mending, he's in the know about it all. Eddie wants to send great gifts on behalf of the CEO, but doesn't have the time to search for shipping addresses and gather proper gifts for people he doesn't really know...

The best solution for Eddie: On-Demand.

Giving gifts in Eddie's line of work is important, but tricky! Especially because he's gifting on behalf of someone else. With On-Demand's collection, he can offer recipients multiple gifts to choose from and send surprises on an as-needed basis.

Hopefully the scenarios above helped you understand that no matter what, we offer great gifts. There are just a few different ways of approaching and executing your strategy.

If On-Demand seems to best suit your needs, sign up or log in to start sending gifts today! If Enterprise is the answer, our team would be happy to chat and walk you through what that’ll look like and how we can get started. Still unsure? Simply say hello here.

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