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Introducing GiftClips: How video messaging transforms corporate gifting

Discover the future of corporate gifting with personalized video.

Jonathan Legge5 min2023-09-14

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Introducing GiftClips: How video messaging transforms corporate gifting

In today's fast-paced corporate world, standing out and making a lasting impression with your clients, employees, and partners has never been more critical. That's where our corporate gifting platform comes in. Our Enterprise level users can now take customization to the next level with video capabilities.

Our powerful gifting platform offers your recipient a fully branded redemption experience, from initial outreach to gift redemption. Every aspect, from emails to microsites to packaging and even physical handwritten notes, is customized to reflect your unique brand.

Introducing GiftClips. Now, you can add videos with sound to the gift redemption experience, creating an even more personalized and memorable gifting journey.

The power of personalization:

Personalization is vital in corporate gifting, and we understand the significance of making each gift unique and meaningful. With our fully branded redemption experience and video capabilities, you can now deliver an immersive experience that resonates with your recipients.

Let’s take a look at this feature in action.

GiftClips demo

Why branded gift redemption matters

Leveraging this video feature can have many benefits for your gifting strategy:

  • Enhanced engagement: Videos capture attention and engagement like no other format. By incorporating videos into the redemption process, you can create a memorable and interactive experience for your recipients.
  • Personalized messaging: Whether it's a heartfelt thank-you message from your CEO, a product demonstration, or a company update, videos allow you to convey your message in a personal and authentic way.
  • Brand consistency: Maintain brand consistency throughout the entire gifting process. The video feature ensures that your brand identity shines through in every aspect of the gift experience.
  • Scalability: This feature is perfect for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. You can efficiently deliver customized video messages to recipients at scale, saving time and effort.

How can your team use this feature?

Here are some scenarios where this video feature shines:

1. Employee gifting: Show appreciation to your employees with a personalized video message from the leadership team, highlighting their contributions and milestones.

2. Client appreciation: Strengthen client relationships by sending a thank-you video featuring your team members or showcasing the benefits of your products or services.

3. Product launches: Introduce new products or services with engaging video content that educates and excites your audience.

4. Holiday greetings: Send warm holiday wishes and seasonal greetings with a personalized video that adds a personal touch to your corporate gifts.

Customize your corporate gifting

In the world of corporate gifting, personalization, and customization are paramount. Our video feature elevates your gifting experience, allowing you to connect with your recipients more deeply. With the ability to add videos with sound to the redemption process, you can create a lasting impression that sets your brand apart.

Unlock the potential of personalized videos in your gifting strategy today and revolutionize how you engage with clients, employees, and partners.

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