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Better employee holiday gifting at scale

The year-end signifies more than just the holiday festivities – it's a time for recognizing achievements, reflecting on efforts, and paving the way for the upcoming year. This underscores the importance of employee holiday gifting, particularly for People & HR teams looking to gift their workforce.

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Boost morale and motivation

A token of employee appreciation during the holidays can reignite passion, uplift spirits, and motivate your workforce for the coming year. For every 2% boost in employee happiness, revenue increases by 1%.

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Build stronger bonds

Festive employee gifting fosters a sense of belonging and creates stronger connections between team members and the company.

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Reflect your brand’s values

Thoughtful holiday gifting is a reflection of your brand's culture and values, signaling that you care for your employees beyond their work.

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Key benefits of holiday gifting with &Open

&Open offers a diverse range of premium gifts - created bespoke for your teams or available on-demand from our marketplace for those one-off special occasions. Our gifting platform puts your brand front and center, offering a fully customizable end-to-end gifting experience.

Personal touch:

Using &Open, you can curate customized gifts that resonate with each team member's personal tastes and preferences.

End-to-end gifting experience:

Our platform streamlines the entire gifting process, from selection to delivery, ensuring your gifts reach your team on time wherever they are.

Seamless integrations:

Our gifting platform's seamless integrations ensure that your gifting becomes an integrated element in your business strategy.

Diverse gifting options:

From physical items to subscriptions, vouchers, and even gifts that give back to causes, we offer a range of choices to make sure each employee gets something they cherish.

Sustainability first:

As the holiday season is often associated with excess, our focus on sustainable gifting ensures that your gifts are from diverse vendors and meet our criteria for being responsible. A guiding principle for us in everything we do is reducing waste.

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We deliver 120,000+ gifts annually on behalf of our global clients:

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Create a thriving workplace culture

With &Open, we're redefining how businesses celebrate their team during the holidays at the end of the working year. No more generic gifts. We're all about creating genuine, meaningful moments that truly resonate with your employees and show your appreciation for their hard work all year.


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