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On-Demand launches this fall

Gain access to a collection of curated gifts by best-in-class brands.

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&Open On-Demand Gift Imagery

You may have heard, you might have seen… Our newest offering, &Open On-Demand, is launching this fall.

Send gifts faster from best-in-class brands like Flamingo Estate, Momofuku and Graza, with no annual contract or sign-up/SaaS fees. We can’t wait to bring beautiful gifting to even more people, at any scale, via a powerful platform that sends better, more curated gifts (and fast).

The best part: Our beta waitlist is open for those hoping to gain early On-Demand access. Won’t you join us? Sign up today and see what all the excitement’s about.

On-demand platform overview

So what makes On-Demand different?

1. The freedom to pay as you go

&Open On-Demand marks the beginning of a step change in how we will help companies of all sizes (specifically SMBs) execute better corporate gifting in a snap. It's a great way to dip your toes into gifting — without a financial commitment to contracts or SaaS fees — while still making the recipient experience feel extremely special. And one of our favorite features: the speed behind the platform. You can start gifting the second you sign up.

2. No bad gifts. Ever.

We’ve assembled a community of best-in-class brands such as Flamingo Estate, Ghia, Momofuku, and many more to make hundreds of gifts available to On-Demand users. Our Key to Care calls out our gifts’ most impressive attributes and qualities, all of which amount to making people happy in the most memorable way.

Pick from confetti-colored cheese knives out of Brooklyn to the most beautifully-batched California produce harvested at peak freshness to luxury chocolates hand tempered on marble slabs. We promise that with these gifts, you can't go wrong.

3. Global gifting with local sourcing

The best part? We can send your gifts nearly anywhere. Our selection ships globally to countries across the US and Europe (and soon the UK). And we promise that list is quickly expanding, too. With our handy filter, you can search for gifts according to region, categories, even company values.

Interested in learning about our approach to responsible gifting? We recently shared our journey towards a more sustainable future within a historically wasteful industry and how, with the help of our new partners at Patch , we're decreasing our carbon footprint.

On-demand platform overview

In short...

On-Demand helps companies build real connections and real relationships through gifts. This may sound like common sense, but the wonderful thing about common sense is that it’s not so common. No other business is looking at this problem the way we are, and no other business will fix it the way we will — at scale and with the highest quality.

Why use it?

There are endless excuses to send a gift — getting promoted, prospecting sales leads, thanking a freelancer, celebrating personal milestones, building employee connections, just because, the list goes on. If you're going to gift, do it better with On-Demand.

Be the first to experience sending a gift with On-Demand,  try it today.

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