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On-Demand sneak peek: Food and drinks

Gifts to savor, sip, and snack on…

The &Open Gift Team8 min2022-09-09

Deep dive into our categories

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When in doubt, a great go-to gift is something salty, sweet or deliciously sippable. That’s because they’re crowd pleasers for any occasion and a delight for every recipient. Here’s what to expect — and give — from On-Demand the next time you need to send a gift ASAP.

bean and goose gift

Bean and Goose


Bean and Goose is based in the countryside of Wexford, Ireland and founded by sisters, Natalie and Karen. Inspired by childhood sweet shop runs, their creations bring the magic back into giving and receiving delicious slabs of chocolate.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Needs a little sweetening within the sales pipeline
  • Believes sharing is caring

London borough of jam gift

London Borough of Jam

Jams and spreads

Honest, unadulterated, small-batch jams created in London, England by Lillie O’Brien. London Borough of Jam pairs seasonal fruits with unusual additions to create flavors using 4 or less ingredients. Spreads are free from refined sugars and commercial pectins.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Wishes to surprise and delight lapsed customers
  • Waxes poetic about toast, sandwiches and Paddington (I & II)

white mausu gift

White Mausu

Chili sauces

White Mausu is based in Dublin, Ireland but draws inspiration from childhood memories in Hong Kong. Co-founders, Katie and Jasper, focus on the comfort found in nourishing, soulful food and iterate at pace to find those just-right flavors.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Wants to liven up WFH lunches for their team
  • Loves to use the word “umami”

graza gift



Picked, pressed and bottled in Jaen, Spain, Graza crafts its olive oil to European standards: fresh, unblended, and delicious — just how it should be. They use 100% Picual olives to create two signature oils: one for cooking, the other for finishing.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Relocated for a job and needs a proper housewarming
  • Is proudly snobbish when it comes to ingredients

ghia gift


Zero-proof aperitifs

Ghia is a female-founded brand serving up spirit-free apéritifs adapted for modern times. Inspired by Mediterranean summers and jugs of childhood limoncello, the founder, Melanie, set out to create drinks that sweeten the night without muddling the memories.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Never passes up an opportunity to reward VIP customers
  • Savors life’s little pleasures, one sip at a time

coffee manufactory gift

Coffee Manufactory


Born from the infamous Tartine Bakery, Coffee Manufactory aims to bring customers closer to farms, farms closer to roasters and roasters closer to baristas. With a dream for higher coffee standards worldwide, they’re slowly redefining responsible roasting.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Wants to ensure the next “all hands” happens with a good cuppa in hand
  • “Doesn’t feel like a person” until they have caffeine

Jukes image

Jukes Cordialities

Non-alcoholic wines

Founded by world-famous wine taster, Matthew Jukes, and his friend, Jack Hollihan, Jukes Cordialities blends the finest fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices with organic apple cider vinegar to produce a vast collection of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Needs to land a prospecting call but isn’t sure if they drink
  • Is always ahead of the culinary and beverage curve

Need great gifts in a snap? On-Demand has best-in-class brands like the ones above. Try On-Demand today.

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