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Dinner and drinks to celebrate the launch of On-Demand

A quiet gathering held in Brooklyn, New York.

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Gatherings at Fort Standard

A gathering at Fort Standard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was held a few days back to eat, drink and commemorate On-Demand’s launch with close friends, partners and colleagues. Lit by glimmering candlelight and filled with faces that have helped us get to where we are today, it was a memorable night indeed.

Oftentimes, when something monumental happens in life — graduating from school, welcoming a little one into the world, marrying someone you love — you take time to celebrate those milestones. As you may have expected, this ethos is in our veins at &Open. And not just for those personal moments, but for professional ones, too.

Night captured by Kyle Manning

To commemorate our greatest product advancement to date, we hosted a small dinner, with some of our biggest supporters, in an intimate space for all to enjoy. The real stars of the show? On-Demand gifts, which were served, admired and savored — from drizzles of olive oil to sips of small-batch wines to scoops of mint chip ice cream.

A special thank you to those gift partners that made the night not only beautiful but incredibly delicious. Together, we enjoyed…

Gatherings at Fort Standard gift selection

On the table:

  • Blooms by FLOWERBX
  • Objects by Fort Standard

Gatherings at Fort Standard gift selection

For taste:

  • Chocolate from andSons
  • EVOO from Graza Olive Oil
  • Cheese from Jasper Hill Farms
  • Ice cream from McConnell’s
  • Dipping sauces from Secret Aardvark

Gatherings at Fort Standard gift selection

To drink:

  • Caffeine from Coffee Manufactory
  • Spritzes from Faccia Brutto
  • Aperitifs from Ghia
  • Wine from Leon & Son

The above lists are available to gift on-demand in the US or EU. Log in or sign up today to send a gift that hits the mark no matter the occasion. Interested in becoming one of our &Open On-Demand vendors? Email us !

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