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On-Demand sneak peek: Bundles

Gifts with a delicious assortment…

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On-Demand sneak peek: Bundles

If variety is the spice of life, then these bundles will kick your gift giving up a notch. Each one of these stellar On-Demand brands comes with a delicious assortment of sips, snacks and sweets (sometimes one of each) in a beautifully packaged box anyone will be delighted to open up.

Whatever you’re craving, we have it: hampers brimming with specialty sips and snacks, yummy cheeses and rich chocolate, plus a variety of chai teas...

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The Epicurean Trader

Speciality goods

The Epicurean Trader is a San Francisco-based grocery that stocks its shelves with some of life’s finer things: rich wine, craft spirits, small-batch chocolates, imported cheese and more. Elevate any gathering with one of their shop’s beloved boxes.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Surpassed their sales goals for the quarter
  • Spends a small fortune in specialty grocers

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Melrose and Morgan

Sips and snacks

Melrose and Morgan are modern-day grocers based in North London, where they work to get expertly sourced and lovingly hand-crafted products from their kitchen to yours. Via their community of local bakers, fishermen and butchers, founders Ian James and Nick Selby champion small-scale artisan producers through their shops.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Needs to make a good impression on a potential sales client
  • Says they’re a self-professed “anglophile”

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COCO Chocolatier


COCO Chocolatiers is where creativity and cocoa collide. Made at the location origin, their chocolate is imported to Edinburgh, Scotland, where it’s passionately transformed into one-of-a-kind delicacies. Their commitment to maintaining wealth in developing economies is just part of the sweet and stylish experience their treats provide.

A good gift for someone who…

  • A customer who needs to see your company’s sweet side
  • Always has a chocolate bar in their desk drawer

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Jasper Hill Farm

Charcuterie essentials

Jasper Hill Farms was founded in 2003 by brothers, Andy and Mateo, with their spouses, Victoria and Angie, in the sleepy village of Greensboro, Vermont. The dairy farm and creamery prides itself on high-quality artisan cheeses with innovative flair.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Has been a long-time customer, just because
  • Always says “I’ll bring the cheese board!"

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The Chai Box

Assorted teas

The Chai Box founder, Monica, grew up with chai being more than a mere drink, but a key part of her culture and heritage. Sourcing blends from various Indian regions, The Chai Box aims to both calm and energize its partakers with rich, aromatic flavors.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Could use some comfort on your team
  • Needs a jolt but can’t drink coffee

The wait is finally over. Ready to surprise and delight customers, employees, clients and more with just a few clicks? Try On-Demand today.

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