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On-Demand sneak peek: Play

Gifts to bring out your inner child…

The &Open Gift Team5 min2022-10-07

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On-Demand Sneak Peek: Play

Everyone could use more play in their days. &Open On-Demand makes it easy to infuse imagination, movement and joy into the everyday with its wide array of playful gifts that boost creativity and cultivate relaxation.

Bring on the competition with a round of bocce ball or create camaraderie with a fantastical jigsaw puzzle. Then there’s always the option to bliss out through coloring — whatever you fancy, we promise the options are a real riot.

OMY thumbnail


Coloring posters, pens and puzzles

Founded by two Parisian designers, OMY creates and designs joyful, graphic and smart playthings for the whole family. From tiny to giant, bright to humorous, they craft in a style that’s instantly recognizable while remaining delightfully entertaining.

A good gift for someone who…

  • WFH daily with kids running around during Zoom calls
  • Reads (and colors) in between the lines

Frederick and Mae Bocce

Fredericks & Mae

Delightful objects and games

Fredericks & Mae is a design studio that started in 2007 by duo Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile. Based in New York City, they remain committed to bringing objects into the world that prompt wide eyes, inexplicable delight and full-body chills.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Closed a long sales cycle and deserves to unwind
  • Banishes black from their home and wardrobe

Different puzzles jigsaw

Different Puzzles

Fanciful jigsaws

Different Puzzles’ ultimate goal: to make you pause and think, “Well, that’s different.” Intending to bring playful trickery to a predictable activity, the brand creates fantastical jigsaws that contain hidden surprises to uncover as you go.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Focuses on little details in every deck
  • Could use an unexpected twist in their world view

Postal petals unarranged

Postal Petals

DIY flower arrangements

Postal Petals has built a community of more than 20 domestic farms to curate and ship only the freshest flowers available. Each box provides recipients with two gifts: a bundle of gorgeous, ethically-sourced blooms, and the creative experience of DIY flower arranging.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Needs a team activity that requires “no keyboards”
  • Is an admitted enthusiast of Ikebana

Binibamba sheepskin rug


Sheepskin play mats

Binibamba was born from the discovery of a thrifted sheepskin coat on a hot summer day. Now, they use the finest materials to create snuggly treasures for little ones and their parents. Each piece is handmade, hand-dyed and 100% biodegradable.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Just brought a little one home
  • Loves it when the yoga teacher says, “time for happy baby pose”

Craighill desktop


Desktop tchotchkes

Founded in 2015, Craighill creates considered objects for your desk and life. Rooted in curiosity, ingenuity and pleasure, their detail-obsessed approach to design marries the limitless magic of an object with its tactile, real-world functionality.

A good gift for someone who…

  • Looks into every viable solution when helping a valued customer
  • Has solved Rubik's Cube more than once

The wait is finally over. Ready to surprise and delight customers, employees, clients and more with just a few clicks? Try On-Demand today.

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