The holiday client gift handbook: Create lasting relationships

Learn how client gifts boost loyalty and profits. Dive into the art of gift-giving.

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The holiday client gift handbook: Create lasting relationships

The holiday season is not just a time for festive decorations and gatherings; it's also a perfect opportunity for businesses to strengthen their client relationships through impactful client appreciation gifts.

In this holiday client gift handbook, we'll explore the art of selecting the right gifts, the return on investment for client gifts, the importance of personalization, the significance of timing and delivery, and how to navigate cultural sensitivities. Let's unwrap the secrets to creating lasting connections with your valued clients.

Why should you gift your clients?

Gift-giving isn't just a holiday tradition; it's a strategic investment in your business relationships. When you take the time to select thoughtful gifts for your clients, you send a powerful message that goes beyond the tangible item. You convey appreciation and recognition for their trust and loyalty.

This gesture of gratitude can foster a sense of value and connection, often resulting in increased client loyalty and a higher likelihood of repeat business. In a world where genuine relationships are a cornerstone of success, client gifts are a meaningful way to nurture and strengthen those connections.

Improved client relationships

According to a study by Corsight, 80% of corporate gift buyers reported that their client relationships had seen notable improvements due to gifting. In this research, involving 300 corporate gift buyers, nearly half of the participants (48%) described these improvements as a "substantial benefit." Another advantage included enhanced customer loyalty (43%).

Increased customer lifetime value

Gifting your clients creates an emotional connection between your brand and the gift recipient. Customers who establish an emotional connection with a brand exhibit a significantly higher lifetime value (LTV), amounting to a remarkable 306% increase in their LTV. This was shown in research by Motista, which involved over 100,000 customers across various retail sectors.

Emotionally connected customers exhibit greater brand loyalty and remain engaged with a brand for an average of 5.1 years compared to 3.4 years for those who lack this connection. Additionally, they are far more inclined to recommend a brand they are emotionally connected with, with a recommendation rate of 71% compared to 45% for those not emotionally connected.

Enhanced customer retention

Increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profit gains by up to 95%. Gifting fosters a stronger bond between customers and your brand, and this inevitably bolsters their loyalty and retention. Research conducted by Bain & Company revealed that a 5% boost in customer retention rates translates to profit increases ranging from 25% to a remarkable 95%.

Furthermore, Bain & Company’s findings emphasize the significance of nurturing repeat business. Repeat customers, on average, contribute 67% more to revenue than their first-time counterparts.

How to choose the right client gifts?

Selecting the right client gifts is more than just a gesture; it's a strategic move that can leave a lasting impression and build relationships. The gift you choose reflects your appreciation and an understanding of your client's likes, dislikes, and preferences, setting the tone for your ongoing business relationship. A good gift should be;

  • Aligned with the gift recipient’s values.
  • Built for memorable longevity.
  • Useful yet unexpected (in a good way).

Knowing your client’s preferences and interests

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to client gifts. Take the time to understand your client's tastes and interests. Are they coffee enthusiasts or tech-savvy individuals? Do they value relaxation and wellness or prefer experiences? Knowing these details can help you select gifts that resonate with them.

The value of personalization and choice

Personalization goes beyond monogrammed items or branded merch. It's about showing that you've put thought into the gift selection. It could be as simple as choosing a book on their favorite topic or a gadget that complements their lifestyle. Personalized gifts make clients feel seen and appreciated.

Go one step further and gift your clients a choice this holiday season. By hand-selecting a few items you think they would love and offering your clients the option to choose which they would prefer, you show how much you value the relationship. Discover the power of choice in holiday gifting.

Still trying to figure out how to choose the right client gift? We’ve mapped out the rules for giving a good gift and here are a few great client gifts for the holidays.

Personalized and branded gifts

Personalization is a powerful tool for strengthening client relationships. Personalized, branded gifts show that you've gone the extra mile to make sure they will love your chosen gift.

Personal and branded gifts

Here are some of our favorite personalized and branded gifts.

  • Chocolate sharing slab & hammer, Bean & Goose, $63
  • Recycled cotton T-shirt, EVERYBODY.WORLD, $38
  • Cotton apron, Neutral, $33
  • Organic cotton socks, Irish Socksciety, $10
  • Roll-top backpack, Ucon Acrobatics, $120
  • Custom jigsaw puzzle, Very Puzzled, $20

Tech gadgets

In this digital age, tech gadgets are always a hit. Consider gifting clients items like noise-canceling headphones, smart devices, or speakers. These gifts showcase your appreciation and suit the modern lifestyle of many professionals.

Tech gifts

Our top tech gadget picks for your clients:

  • Beosound Explore speaker, Bang & Olufsen, $325
  • Theragun Mini, Theabody, $215
  • Wireless headphones, Sennheiser, $150
  • Beosound A1 speaker, Bang & Olufsen, $229
  • SoundLink Revolve II Bluetooth speaker, Bose, $250
  • Polaroid Go camera, Polaroid, $110
  • Beoplay EX Earbuds, Bang & Olufsen, $433

Relaxation & wellness gifts

The holiday season can be stressful. Show your clients you care about their well-being by gifting relaxation and wellness items. Options like essential oil diffusers, cozy blankets, or a subscription to a meditation app can help your clients unwind and recharge.

Relaxation & wellness gifts

See our top relaxation and wellness gifts here:

  • Dr. Sturm’s Essentials (cleanser, hyaluronic serum, face cream, travel pouch), Dr. Barbara Sturm, $380
  • Igneous Kit (body cleanser, body balm), Aesop, $47
  • Industrious Kit (hand wash, hand balm, rinse-free hand wash), Aesop, $70
  • Scented candle, Diptyque, $93
  • Le Quartet soaps (Le Botaniste hydrating soap, La Déesse purifying soap, Le Nomade nourishing soap, Le Soliste brightening soap), ORRIS, $92
  • Mini candle gift set, Eym, $60
  • Scented candle, Boy Smells, $55

Bundles & hamper gift sets

Sometimes, one gift isn't enough to express your gratitude. Bundles and hampers offer a delightful assortment of goodies. You can choose a collection of gourmet treats, spa products, or even a selection of wines and cheeses. Bundles and hampers bring an element of surprise and indulgence to your client's holiday season. And who doesn’t love a hamper during the holidays?

Bundles and hampers

Check out our top hamper gift sets:

  • Limoncello & Cantucci, The River Cafe, $55
  • The Ultimate Cheese Hamper (homemade chutney, hot honey, cheddar, Tipperary brie, Cashel blue, Prosciutto di Parma, mixed olives, crackers) Cheese and Chutney, $81
  • The Heath & Hill Hamper, Ancestral Montonega Pet-Nat 2018 Can Sumoi, Domaine Du Meteore Leonides Faugeres 2018, Vinho Verde 'Chin Chin', artisan cracker tin, harissa spiced nuts, sea salt caramels, dark chocolate candied orange peel), Melrose and Morgan, $207
  • The Cecil (award-winning pork pie, luxury scotch egg, sliced smoked charcuterie, blue stilton, mature hard cheese, English fruit chutney, traditional Fife oatcakes, velvety chocolate truffles, all-butter shortbread), Thackery Brown, $110
  • The Garden Tour (sage hand soap & body wash, extra virgin olive oil, wildflower honey, sage candle), $219
  • Think Vegan Gift Box (hazelnut spread, extra virgin olive oil, mixed olives, artichoke spread, fusilli, ragout, sparkling orange Galvanina, truffle potato chips), Tasty Ribbon, $125
  • Wine & Charcuterie Basket (Pinot Noir, three seasonal cheeses, flatbread crackers, Prosciutto, nuts, olives, preserves), The Epicurean Trader, $110

Digital and cause gifts

Consider digital gifts or charitable donations in the form of cause gifts for a unique approach. A subscription to Masterclass, or an Airbnb experience are great client gifts. Additionally, charitable donations can demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility. Read more about sustainable gifting here.

Digital and cause gifts

Our favorite digital and cause gifts:

  • Headspace subscription, from $25
  • Airbnb gift card, from $25
  • Book of the month subscription, from $50
  • Skillshare subscription, from $20
  • UNICEF contribution, from $5
  • Black Girls Code contribution, from $5
  • Equal Justice Initiative, from $5

Embracing cultural differences for holiday gifting

Being culturally inclusive when giving holiday gifts is essential. Here are some guidelines:

  • Research cultural norms: Learn about the gift-giving customs of your clients' cultures to avoid inadvertently offending and gift them something they will genuinely enjoy.
  • Universal gifts: Opt for universally enjoyed gifts, such as gourmet chocolates or elegant stationery.

Uncover the history, cultural significance, and global practices of meaningful holiday gifting with our blog: The joy of holiday gifting.

Why choose &Open for your client gifting?

Choosing &Open for holiday client gifting campaigns creates unforgettable experiences for your recipients.

  • Fully branded redemption experience: Customize the recipient experience with your brand's colors, fonts, logo, and imagery, from initial outreach to gift redemption. Make every interaction a seamless and on-brand gifting experience.
  • Power of choice: Offer your recipients the ability to choose their preferred gift, ensuring it resonates with their tastes and preferences.
  • Gifting expertise: Our team of gifting experts is passionate about creating meaningful connections and memorable moments.
  • Simple sign-up, no hidden costs: Navigating corporate gifting should be straightforward. Get started with &Open hassle-free, with no surprises or hidden fees.
  • Seamless integrations: We seamlessly integrate into your CRM, becoming the missing puzzle piece that completes your business strategy. Make gifting an integral part of your operations with ease.

When to give client gifts

Our ethos at &Open is to gift less but gift well. Since you’ve picked out the perfect client gift, when and how should you send it? Well, it’s simple for holiday gifts: the holidays, but let’s drill down a little more on that.

Timing is crucial when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Aim to send your gifts early enough to arrive before the holiday rush. Consider the specific dates and holidays that hold significance for your clients. Sending gifts on their birthdays or customer milestones can also be thoughtful.

Building lasting client relationships through gifting

As we wrap up this holiday client gift handbook, remember that giving is more than the gift itself. It expresses gratitude and appreciation for your client's trust and partnership. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a thoughtful gift can remind your clients of the value you bring to their business.

As you plan your client gifts, consider each client's unique preferences and interests, and remember to start early to ensure your gifts make a significant impact.

Ready to create memorable holiday moments with your clients? Strengthen your client relationships today and make this holiday season one to remember. Explore &Open's corporate gifting platform via a demo.

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