From executives to interns: Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your team

Discover the secret to picking the right team holiday gifts for everyone in your company.

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Whether you run a small startup or a large corporation, employee gifting for the holidays can be a thoughtful gesture that boosts morale and fosters a positive company culture. At &Open, we understand the importance of finding the perfect team holiday gifts, so we've curated a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this season of giving.

First, what is corporate gifting? Corporate gifting is giving gifts to colleagues, employees, clients, and potential customers to build connections and relationships.

Gifting your team can have enormous benefits, including increasing employee engagement, which can boost employee happiness. With a mere 2% boost in employee happiness, revenue will experience a 1% growth.

If you want more gifting inspiration, we’ve got some great corporate gift ideas for employees.

Gifts for executive and leadership team:

When showing appreciation for your executive and leadership team during the holiday season, you must strike a chord of sophistication and gratitude. These individuals are the driving force behind your company's vision and success, and finding the perfect gift to reflect their significance can make all the difference. Consider gifts that align with their elevated roles within the organization, embodying the professionalism and dedication they bring to the table.

Here are some excellent team holiday gifts for your executive and leadership team:

  • The Gourmand Hamper, Melrose and Morgan, $328
  • Stagg electric kettle, Fellow, $165
  • Backgammon set, Pazar, $360
Gifts for executive and leadership team

Gifts for managers and supervisors:

Acknowledging the valuable contributions of your managers and supervisors during the holiday season is paramount, and selecting the right gifts can have a profound impact. Managerial holiday gifts serve as a symbol of recognition for their leadership and dedication. These individuals play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of your company, and employee recognition gifts can go a long way in demonstrating your appreciation.

By presenting them with thoughtful tokens of gratitude, you boost their morale and reinforce the importance of their organizational roles. It's a win-win situation that fosters a sense of appreciation and motivation among your management team.

Are you looking for inspiration for gifts for managers and supervisors? Look no further.

  • Mug set, Dublin Bay Blue, Arran Street East, $95
  • The 3 Sisters candles, Flamingo Estate, $174
  • Pasta Master gift box, Tasty Ribbon, $122
Gifts for managers and supervisors

Gifts for sales teams:

Recognizing your sales team's hard work and achievement-oriented nature during the holiday season is essential. Sales team gifts should reflect their dynamic and competitive spirit. These dedicated individuals drive revenue generation, and finding the right gifts is a way to acknowledge their vital role. Employee recognition within the sales department can be a powerful motivator, boosting their confidence and drive. By selecting thoughtful presents that resonate with their sales-focused mindset, you can show your appreciation and inspire them to excel even further in the coming year.

Be sure to include these sales team gift ideas when planning your team holiday gifts:

  • Old Fashioned cocktail kit, The Epicurean Trader, $135
  • A Cook’s Delight Hat Box gift set, The Lismore Food Company, $148
  • Matchbox, Glaze Studio, $150
Gifts for sales teams

Gifts for marketing teams:

Marketing team gifts should resonate with their innovative and forward-thinking approach. These individuals play a pivotal role in shaping your brand's image and messaging, making it essential to show appreciation. Employee recognition within the marketing department is a powerful motivator, boosting their enthusiasm and passion for their work. By selecting thoughtful presents that align with their marketing-focused mindset, you can inspire them to continue driving your company's success through their inventive strategies and campaigns.

Consider these for your marketing team gift ideas:

  • Rosemary & Tulsi hair duo, Flamingo Estate, $92
  • The Artists Edition chocolate gift set, Casa Bosques, $80
  • Italian sweets selection, The River Cafe, $52
Gifts for marketing teams

Gifts for customer success teams:

Gifts for the customer success team should reflect their commitment to building strong client relationships and ensuring satisfaction. These individuals play a pivotal role in retaining customers and driving business growth, making it essential to express your appreciation. Employee recognition within the customer success department can be a powerful motivator, boosting their dedication and enthusiasm.

Here are some great holiday gift ideas for employees:

  • The California Selection wine gift box, In Good Taste, $65
  • Hot Dish, Great Jones, $75
  • Book Box, 30 chocolates, KoKo Kinsale, $44
Gifts for customer success teams

Gifts for IT & tech teams:

Gifts for IT and tech teams should resonate with their forward-thinking and problem-solving approach. These individuals are the backbone of your organization's technological infrastructure, and showing your appreciation is vital.

These are the perfect gifts for your IT teams:

  • Beoplay HX Headphones, Bang & Olufsen, $535
  • Tangram Gemstone game, DAR Proyectos, $102
  • Granola Trio gift box, Eleven Madison Home, $76
Gifts for IT & tech teams

Gifts for HR teams:

Gifts for HR teams should reflect their dedication to fostering a positive workplace environment and nurturing talent. These individuals play a pivotal role in recruitment, employee development, and ensuring a harmonious workplace, making it essential to show appreciation.

Show your HR team some love with these gift choices:

  • Just Right bouquet, Farmgirl Flowers, $79
  • Scented candle, Diptyque, $60
  • Little Liquor Box, Lockdown Liquor, $64
Gifts for HR teams

Gifts for finance teams:

Acknowledging your finance teams' meticulous and numbers-driven contributions during the holiday season is essential. When selecting gifts for your finance department, it's important to cater to their analytical and detail-oriented nature. These professionals are the financial stewards of your company, responsible for managing budgets, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding your organization's financial health. Recognizing their dedication and precision with thoughtful presents is a meaningful way to express gratitude.

Finance team gifts have never looked better:

  • Domaine Sainte Rose Mix, 3 bottles, Simpsons’ Wine Estate, $69
  • The Heat Wave Box, White Mausu, $45
  • Brass candleholder, 54Celsius, $33
Gifts for finance teams

Gifts for design and creative teams:

Gifts for your design and creative teams should align with their artistic flair and passion for visual storytelling. The design and creative team is responsible for shaping your brand's identity, crafting captivating visuals, and bringing creative concepts to life. Recognizing their unique talents and dedication with thoughtful presents is a way to express your appreciation.

Your search for the perfect creative team gifts ends here:

  • Sobremesa Napkin set, Hay, $85
  • Simply The Best chocolate gift box, 4 bars, Compartés, $50
  • Handmade Tapas Bowls, pair, Home Roots, $35
Gifts for design and creative teams

Gifts for interns and new hires:

Welcoming and appreciating interns and new hires during the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to make them feel valued and integrated into your organization. Gifts for interns and new hires should foster a sense of belonging and excitement about their roles. These individuals are the fresh faces in your company, bringing new perspectives and energy to the team. Recognizing their potential and enthusiasm with thoughtful presents is a way to express your commitment to their growth.

New hire gifts and intern gifts for the holidays:

  • Bullet pen, Hay, $9
  • Cotton cap, EVERYBODY.WORLD, customizable, $42
  • Ripple mug, KINTO, $26
Gifts for interns and new hires

Gifts for the whole company:

Bringing the entire company together and celebrating as a cohesive unit during the holiday season is a remarkable way to foster camaraderie and a sense of community. Corporate-wide gifts and celebrations should reflect your organization's diversity and shared experiences. They symbolize your team members' unity and collective efforts throughout the year.

Branded corporate gifts for the whole organization can be a powerful reminder of your organization's values and culture. With our gifting platform, you can create a fully branded gift recipient experience, as well as gift your employees some truly inspirational branded corporate swag.

These are some of the best holiday gifts for staff:

  • Heavyweight canvas tote, Baggu, $54
  • Hand balm, Aesop, $27
  • Masterclass digital subscription, from $25
Gifts for the whole company

Corporate gifting for the holiday season

The joy of gifting for the holiday season goes far beyond mere exchanges of presents. It's an opportunity to express gratitude, strengthen bonds, and foster a positive company culture. Thoughtful corporate gifting is a tangible way to acknowledge each team member's dedication and hard work, from executives to interns, and to show them that their contributions are valued.

At &Open, we understand the intricacies of corporate gifting. Our goal is to make your holiday season hassle-free and memorable with our gifting platform. We offer a wide range of curated gift options tailored to every team member, ensuring you convey your appreciation in the most meaningful way possible.

As you embark on this season of giving, let's celebrate the remarkable individuals who make your company what it is. Explore our business gifting services to fill this holiday season with gratitude and shared joy. Here's to a season of giving that leaves a lasting, positive impact on your team and organization.

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